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Yes, it wasn't over the top biggest hits but he played a good mix of new and classic tracks (4 Strings, Crystals, etc.). There was a remix of Dave Mathew's "space between" that was a pleasent surprise. The crowd was hype and appreciative and I heard he was really nice and signed mad autographs. My jaw is still a little sore from that night ;)

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My bf & I were there, met up w/DJ Manolo. Metropolis is a beautiful club w/sick ass lazers. Tiesto played a short but sweet set.


Salt Tank- Eugina (Michael Woods remix)

Windsider- Hidden Flight

Push- Strange World (2001 remake)

Dave Matthews- The space btwn (Tiesto remix)

Pulser- Cloudwalking

Marco V- Simulated

Ralphie B- Massive

Katana- Fancy Fair

Fire & Ice- out of darkness

Utah Saints- Lost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb main mix)

Closed w/Urban Train.

I asked him to play Close to U & Frat boy but he didn't have em.

After his set We went in the booth to take pix. We stayed in the club for another hour talkin to Tiesto, Noel Sanger, & Regina the owner. Tiesto is very chill & funny I might add. I will post pix after I get em developed. :D Fabulous night!

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