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  1. Anyone have any obsessive compulsive disorders??

    I can't stand to have any wrappers, empty bottles, garbage lying around on the table or floor for more than 3 mins. I throw it out immediately!
  2. Some Scot Project Trax @ Exit

    I agree. He didn't play Yoda- Definately or come w/me.. In the NY forum someone said he played paranoid, he didn't. I know Trance & Acid...didnt' hear those vocals. I would have LOVED to hear FOE & U. I asked Scot last time at he was at LL if he had either of them, he said they were old. His set wasn't long enuff. The bomb of the night was HARDCORE WILL NEVA DIE!
  3. Tiesto at exit again??!

    What makes u think he won't be at Roxy???? Tiesto is mad cool, I highly doubt he was spillin all over Drapers cheesy rekkids.
  4. It's SICK! I don't like the lyrics either. I don't remember hearing it at Slimelight. Rumour has it he's there THIS FRIDAY!!!!
  5. Tilt's website?

  6. It was a short but sweet set. 2 hour wasn't ENUFF. Paranoid, Club Bizzarre, Come w/me, Thunder in Paradise, French Kiss, Dreams , Joy Energizer. DJScotphreak, twas a blast hangin out w/ya...Trancend. Nice seeing U Hacker & meeting u Princess Lolita.
  7. Grand Opening of SEXY @ ROXY*FEATURED EVENT & MEET-UP*

    What time is Johnny playing till? Better yet what time does Roxy close now a days? I wanna swing by after Limelight.
  8. Where do the good looking people go in NYC?

    Definately Pangea...if u can get in. Serafina on Wednesdays. I Hate to say it but World on saturdays.
  9. Get Tilted

    Casey...what time is Wag coming on & how long is his set? We're coming from NYC.
  10. Tiesto

    My bf & I were there, met up w/DJ Manolo. Metropolis is a beautiful club w/sick ass lazers. Tiesto played a short but sweet set. Tracklisting: Salt Tank- Eugina (Michael Woods remix) Windsider- Hidden Flight Push- Strange World (2001 remake) Dave Matthews- The space btwn (Tiesto remix) Pulser- Cloudwalking Marco V- Simulated Ralphie B- Massive Katana- Fancy Fair Fire & Ice- out of darkness Utah Saints- Lost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb main mix) Closed w/Urban Train. I asked him to play Close to U & Frat boy but he didn't have em. After his set We went in the booth to take pix. We stayed in the club for another hour talkin to Tiesto, Noel Sanger, & Regina the owner. Tiesto is very chill & funny I might add. I will post pix after I get em developed. Fabulous night!
  11. tiesto at exit

    I spoke to Tiesto last night @ Metropolis in Rhode Island..he's definately coming & very excited!
  12. jews...

    :laugh: Saleen: Thats ludricous.. should the entire Jewish pop boycott all products from Germany b/c of what happened 50 years ago? I trained w/the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) for 2 months in 94 while we were in Jersusalem Palestinians threw a bomb at MY bus..filled w/Americans & Israeli Soldiers.
  13. Amsterdam ??

    Kremlin & Club Eau in Den Haag
  14. PVD @ Armory Tickets

    :laugh: I just found out Glow will be open till 5. So we are gonna try to get outta the armory & over to Glow as quick as possible. Any idea how much tix will be at the door for Tiesto?