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Originally posted by bless88

oh yeah also, is that dancenation -sunshine in part two where the guy keeps saying give me some more??? if so what mix is that?? if that's not it, what song is that???:confused:

Doesn't the guy in Sunshine sound like to dude from Daft Punk? Listen to Dance Nation - Sunshine, then listen to Daft Punk - One More Time. Probably is a branch of Daft Punk, but I am probably just a dumbass :laugh::laugh:

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Originally posted by djmikebugout

Im still tryin to figure out what mix of Git Down he played...it wasnt the original, MPV or crowded street mix....

other than that I've found almost all the tracks from the set:)

Mike BuGouT

and they are??? is that sunshine??? the version i have he doesn't say give me some more.....at all...help??:confused:

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The only tracks that I've been able to id so far have been:

PPK - Ressurection

Wavescape - Emotion

Lost Witness - Song to the Siren(Fable Mix)

Yves Deruyter - Back To Earth(Public Domain Remix)

Oceanlab - Clear Blue Water

Dj Gert - Give Me Some More (Public Domain Remix)

Derb - Underwater

Maybe our good friend djmikebugout would share some more with us....;):D

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