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Martin Prescott first became aware of the new girl at his high school

when he ran into her on his way to his chemistry class - literally. He was

talking to his friend, Anton, and had not been paying attention as he

rounded the corner, and found his face solidly implanted into a pair of

firm breasts, the warmth of which he could feel even through the thin

t-shirt that the girl wore.

"Mmmmmfh!" he exclaimed, then backed away as quickly as possible. As

he did, he looked up at the girl he had run into. Martin, in his

junior year, already stood 6'4" tall, yet the girl stood almost a foot

taller than he. Her skin had a light caramel tone, and lots of it was

exposed, given that she was wearing blue jean cutoffs and a t-shirt that

did not quite cover her slender, well-toned midriff. "I'm really sorry,"

Martin said quickly, realizing he was staring. "I wasn't looking where I was

going my fault all my fault you're new here aren't you what's your name?"

"Speak slower," Anton hissed. "You might make more sense." The bell

rung at that moment, and the girl hurried past, disappearing around the

corner. Fortunately, the hallway had been deserted, and Martin knew he could

count on Anton not to spread the story around school. As they slipped into

their first hour class, Martin wondered about the new girl, what her name was,

and, more importantly, if he would have any classes with her.


Martin learned that he did, indeed, have a class with her: his algebra

class, the last period of school. Old man Barnett introduced her as Aphasia

Chavarro, an exchange student from Guatemala, who would be attending Herringway

High School for the entire year. Barnett had each member of the class give

their names, and when Martin gave his name, he saw Aphasia smile a bit, which

caused some red to flow to his cheeks.

She sat in the empty desk to the right of Martin, and it was all Martin

could do to not stare directly at Aphasia's sensual body. Her legs were long

and smooth, and folded gracefully under the desk. Her cutoffs displayed the

curves of her ass perfectly, and her breasts had a firm, supple look. And

her face...her face was gorgeous, with black hair tumbling to her shoulders,

a petite nose and trim lips, and deep hazel eyes.

As Barnett's lecture droned on, Martin kept stealing glances at Aphasia.

Once, he saw her appearing to glance at him, and he immediately glanced away,

while straightening his posture and shifting his legs. He thought he heard

her giggle a little, and did not glace at her for the rest of the period.

The school bell finally rang, though, and Martin decided that now was his

best chance to talk to her, to strike up a friendship, at least. Martin was

by no means a casanova, having had only one girlfriend previously and no great

amount of sexual experience, but he felt a strong desire to talk to Aphasia.

"Hi," he said, a bit nervously, as he caught up to her in the hallway.

"I don't know if you remember, but I'm..."

"The one who ran into my chest in the hallway," Aphasia said. She giggled

as Martin turned a bright red. "Oh, don't worry, it was an honest accident,

and besides, no one saw us, except your friend..."

"Oh, you mean Anton," Martin said. "Don't worry, he won't spread any

gossip around school. I'm Martin, by the way, but you can call me Marty -

everyone does..."

"I'm Aphasia," Aphasia said, taking Martin's hand. "Pleased to meet you."

"Aphasia," Martin said, as they exited the school. "That's a beautiful

name - I don't think I've ever heard it before."

"My mother gave it to me," Aphasia replied. "It was the name of one of

her favorite characters from a romance novel of some sort - I don't know the

name. She used to live in the States, until she met my father, and they went

to live in Guatemala. She taught me English, because I think she expected that

I would return here someday. Do you live out this way?"

"Yeah, on FitzLewis street," Martin said. "Just past the Cymerna


"Really?" Aphasia asked. "I live on the intersection, with the Tomachens,

my foster family. Why don't you stop by? It's just on the way."

"Um...sure!" Martin said, his pulse already racing. "Let's go."


"Very interesting."

"What is?"

"The subject's physiological reactions. He could be exactly what Maya


"Shall I signal for the next phase implementation?"

"Please do."


"It doesn't look like anyone's home," Martin commented from the living

room, on one end of the large couch.

"They aren't," Aphasia replied, from the next room. "My foster parents

are both at work, and my foster sister, Linda, is working out with the

cheerleading squad, and won't be back 'till evening. Do you have any siblings?"

"Just one, my sister Violet," Martin said. "She's trying out for the

cheerleading squad next year. She's really excited about it."

"I hope she makes it," Aphasia said, entering the room. Martin drew in

his breath sharply - Aphasia had taken off her cutoffs and t-shirt, and now

simply had a pink towel wrapped around her. Even though it was a big towel,

due to Aphasia's amazonesque stature, it barely covered Aphasia's nipples at

the top and stopped just at the bottom of her hips. Martin felt his prick

growing harder as Aphasia moved closer, sitting very close to him.

"Marty," she said, her voice a sweet whisper, "do you want me like I

want you?"

Martin gulped, and felt his dick stiffen even more as she put her hand

on his thigh. "That depends...how is it...you want me?" By way of answer,

Aphasia leaned forward, her towel slipping a bit to reveal her dark nipples,

which pressed through Martin's t-shirt as she pulled him close for a deeply

sensual kiss.

Several dozen thoughts raced through Martin's mind at once, even as he

strove to reciprocate the kiss. Should he push her away, saying he wasn't

interested in being used as a sex toy? No, he thought, he was definitely

interested. He wanted to inquire as to why Aphasia was moving on him so

aggressively, but did not want her to stop to explain. So, he did the best

thing he could think of doing - he slid a hand around her back and pulled

away the towel. As he did, Aphasia draped her now naked body atop him, and

slid her tongue into his mouth. Martin met her tongue, swirling around it

as his hands glided down her smooth back, until they reached her gorgeous

ass. Aphasia wiggled a bit as she felt his hands, and Martin thought he

heard a low moan.

She broke the kiss and sat up a bit, smiling at Martin. Martin looked

at her well-formed tits, with her dark, rock-hard nipples pushing out. He

leaned forward, taking her right nipple in his mouth. As his teeth clamped

gently on it, he heard a loud moan of pleasure from Aphasia, who put her

hand against the back of his head and pushed him forward to her breast.

Martin licked and sucked the nipple, occasionally holding it in his teeth and

flicking his tounge-tip over the clamped nipple. He switched to the other

nipple and started working on that, while he rubbed the first nipple with his

hand. Aphasia gasped, and Martin smiled a bit, his hand wandering down

Aphasia's front, sliding over her trim pussy. His questing fingers found her

clit, and when he squeezed it gently, she leaned back, which Martin took as

a signal to move his mouth lower.

Martin moaned a bit himself as his tongue tasted her wetness, and

Aphasia's increasingly ragged breathing caused her body to heave and quake.

He found her slit, and slid his tongue in, tasting as far as he could inside

her sugar walls. "Yes," Aphasia moaned. "Eat me, Martin, please..." Martin

needed no further encouragement, pressing his face into Aphasia's womanhood

with hungry delight. Her moans became increasingly loud as Martin slid his

tongue into her cunt, savoring the taste. He licked and sucked at her clit,

which caused her to tremble. "Oh, Martin...I'm going to cum, Martin! Oh, oh,

yessssss...!" Martin slid his tongue back into her slit, and tasted her

rush of girl-juice. He drank her deeply, enjoying her sweet, intoxicat-

ing flow.


"The subject has injested the drug."

"System propogation as predicted. The activation procedure starts next."

"She knows what to do."

"She had better, for your sake."


Martin lifted up, waiting for Aphasia to come down from her orgasm. He

was in a daze himself, and licked some of Aphasia's cum off his upper lip.

Aphasia opened her eyes, and smiled warmly at Martin. Before he could say

anything, she shifted her ass back a bit, and reached out to stroke Martin's

bulge. Martin quivered a bit as he felt her fingers through the material of

his jeans. Aphasia found his belt buckle, and nimbly undid it, and slid down

his zipper. She leaned forward, her breath hot on his bulging underwear, and

pulled it back. Martin's cock sprung out, already hardened to it's eight inch


As Aphasia's tongue touched his cock-tip, Martin breathed sharply,

feeling the heat on the sensitive skin. He managed to take off his shirt as

Aphasia swirled her tongue around the tip, tasting the drop of pre-cum that

had trickled out of Martin's slit. She kissed the tip, then moved her mouth

down the side, trailing down to his balls. She pulled his pants farther down,

and Martin helped her by sliding his jeans and his underwear down to his knees.

It was Martin's turn to moan as Aphasia started licking his balls, taking

one in her mouth and sucking on it a bit. Her left hand stroked his prick

slowly, pumping it a little. Then, Aphasia moved back to the tip, and took

it into her mouth, flicking her tongue around it as she did.

"Suck me, Aphasia," Martin moaned. "Your mouth is so hot..." Aphasia

let Martin slide into her mouth, an inch at a time. Around five inches she

stopped a bit, and started going up and down on Martin's cock. Martin

groaned with pleasure, and pushed Aphasia's head down farther on his cock.

Aphasia slid Martin in even further, going six...seven...then the full

eight inches, deep throating Martin, while making an erotic mrrrring sound.

Martin gasped as she started sliding him in and out of her mouth, smacking

and slurping as she went.

As Aphasia sucked him and the heat increased, Martin felt himself

getting increasingly light headed. His balls started to tingle, and his

body writhed with the sensations. Sensing his reaction, Aphasia went up and

down faster, squeezing his balls gently with her hand.

Martin felt a sudden rush, and his cock started squirting his hot cum

into Aphasia's waiting mouth. Aphasia made a loud sound of pleasure and

drank Martin's juices, sucking him to get every drop out. Martin let out

a low, deep moan of ecstasy as he came, one that lasted until the orgasm

finally subsided. He looked down at Aphasia, who was licking what semen had

escaped up. She looked at him and smiled broadly.


"Activation stage one complete."

"Oral assimilation of subject's DNA patterns successful. Once stage two

is complete, she will have control over the subject."



"Marty, I want you to fuck me," Aphasia said, her voice sounding almost

feral. "I want you to fuck me hard and deep and make me scream like a

banshee!" Martin finished kicking off his shoes and socks, and turned to her.

"Sit on my lap," Martin replied, his voice deep with lust. In the back

of his mind, he wondered how he was able to make such a fast recovery after

being sucked off by Aphasia, but his dick was already rising to the occasion,

and he was in no condition to think rationally. Aphasia lifted herself up,

then started lowering herself down onto Martin's waiting cock, while Martin

gripped her ass cheeks, helping her lower herself slowly.

Both teens gasped as she sank. "Oh, Martin, fill me up," Aphasia gasped.

"I want it all!" Martin thrust the rest of the way into her, and Aphasia

let out a loud moan.

Rocking his hips back and forth, Martin started a slow rhythm, while

Aphasia wrapped her long legs around his back and rode him like a stallion.

Due to her height, her chest was once again in Martin's face, a fact Martin

took advantage of by sucking on her tits as they bounced.

She mrrrrrrd loudly, and Martin could feel the first wave of ecstasy upon

her. He thrust faster, pushing savagely inside her cunt, which clenched about

his cock as he did. As the heat and passion increased, Martin started seeing

spots before his eyes, and wondered if he was going to pass out. Just as

Aphasia was rocked by a second wave of orgasm, he came himself, slamming deep

inside her as his hot liquid spurted into her. She screamed with ecstasy,

holding his face to her breasts, as he filled her with his creamy fluid.

Finally, she came down from her pleasure, and looked into Martin's eyes. They

were still, locked at the moment of ecstacy.

As she stood, sliding off of his softening cock, a dimensional rift opened

in the wall. Through it, she could see a long, gleaming white corridor, that

ended with a single door.

*Bring him,* a voice said inside your mind. *You have done well.*

Aphasia looked at the dimensional rift, then at Martin. She made no move.

*Do not disobey, Aphasia. You know what we will do if you displease

us, don't you?* Aphasia's face became sadder, and she sent a telepathic order

to Martin. He stood, a blank look on his face. *Good. Now bring his clothes

with you, and yours, too.* She gathered Martin's clothes and put them in his

arms, and he accepted them blankly. She took the towel into the other room,

and picked up her own clothing, carrying it in her arms back to the dimensional

rift. She paused for a second, looked at Martin, kissed him gently on the

cheek, then led him through the rift, into the alien corridor. The rift closed

behind them, just as the front door opened.

"Hello? Aphasia?" a female voice called. "Mom? Dad?" There was a

pause. "Good. Okay, girls, come in. It's time to initiate Violet Prescott

into the Herringway High Cheerleading squad."

Part Two

"Step forward, Violet Prescott," a female voice commanded. Violet,

conscious that she was naked and defenseless, stepped forward tenatively.

Linda Tomachen, the one who had given the command, examined Violet's body as

she stepped forward. Violet had just turned sixteen, and her body was in

full bloom. Linda noted her developing breasts, and the fine red color of

her nipples, which were hardening in the cool air of the basement of the

Tomachen house. Her creamy, smooth skin gave her a strong air of innocence,

accentuated by her petite face, which still retained a few freckles, her

clear blue eyes, which were at the moment wide with apprehension, and her

lusterous blonde hair, shaved short at the sides as every member of the

Herringway High cheerleading squad would have it.

Linda continued her gaze, as she knew the other cheerleaders were doing,

and looked down, past Violet's firm abdomen to her shaved pussy, which was

glistening a bit, despite Violet's nervousness. Unconsciously, Linda licked

her upper lip while gazing at her slit, thinking of how her insides would

taste. Then she shook her head, to clear it, and started the ritual.

"You are here today to undergo the ritual of passage into the Herringway

High cheerleading squad," Linda continued. "Are you aware of that which is


Violet peered into the darkness. She thought she could make out Linda's

form, but couldn't see the others. "Yes," she replied, a small tremble in

her voice.

"And what are those requirements?" Linda asked.

"I am required to submit to the sexual demands of every member of the

Herringway High cheerleading squad present," Violet replied. "Should I

fail to please any member, I have not passed the requirement."


"And I have to name the capital of Uruguay."

"Very good. Are you prepared to meet the first of the two requirements?"

"I am."

"Then let's begin." Linda walked into the light, and Violet could see

that Linda was naked as well. She was taller than Violet, with long black

hair sweeping down her tanned back, and dark green eyes. Violet tilted her

head back as Linda kissed her, opening her jaw so that her tongue would slide

in easily. Their bodies pressed tightly together, and Violet's skin tingled

as Linda's warm nipples pressed into her chilly flesh.

Breaking the kiss, Violet trailed her hot tongue down Linda's neck,

nipping at the flesh on occasion, until she reached her left nipple. As she

started to swirl her tongue around it, she thought of the task before her.

This wasn't the first time she had tasted the female body, nor was it the

first time her tongue had sampled Linda's delights. But today's performance

was the key, and she knew that Linda or any of the other cheerleaders would

reject her membership if they felt she was holding back. Fortunately, Linda's

growing moans seemed to indicate that that would not be the case.

As she moved to work on Linda's other nipple, she felt warm hands slide

over her ass, and she widened her legs to allow better access. A hot tongue

replaced the hands, sliding down to her anal ring. Violet writhed with

pleasure and bit down a bit on Linda's nipple as she felt the wet heat on

her rim. Linda's legs buckled a bit, and Violet guided her to the carpeted

floor, her mouth gliding downwards over Linda's trim abdomen to her wet,

shaven pussy. As the tongue in her rim continued it's intensely pleasurable

work, Violet started on Linda's clit, rubbing it firmly with her fingers,

which caused Linda's breathing to become ragged and irregular.

She parted Linda's cunt lips with her tongue, pushing slowly but firmly

inside her. As always, the taste of Linda excited Violet, and her tongue

licked in and out of Linda's cunt, tasting the sweet, succulent juices of

the girl on the brink of womanhood. As she did, she felt, more than saw,

two more girls kneel beside her, each reaching under her to find and grasp

her nipples, which were by now rock hard. One of them, Kim, bent down to

assist Violet in eating out Linda, which they alternated in doing.

It was a while before Violet realized there was no longer a tongue in

her ass. Instead, she felt something warm and hard slowly entering her.

"Mmmmm, Anton..." she breathed, feeling the only male cheerleader on the

Herringway High cheerleading squad fill her backside up. Kim had slid

down to start sucking on Violet's right tit, while the cheerleader on her

left side, Elizabeth, was going to work on her left nipple.

There was still one hole unaccounted for, and that one was filled when

she felt a hard object, most likely one of Linda's silicon dildoes, slide into

her cunt. Waves of passion swept through her, and she clenched her ass

muscles, rewarded by Anton's increasing tempo and the friction that was build-

ing inside her. The two prongs, one real and one artificial, that were pumping

inside her inspired a long, feral moan of ecstacy, as Violet came. As she

did, she felt a mouth on the edge of her cunt lips, tasting her juices as

they were drawn out by the dildo.

Riding the wave of ecstasy, she redoubled her attention to Linda's cunt,

and was rewarded when the first orgasm wracked Linda's body. Violet fastened

her mouth to her cunt and drank Linda's delicious fluids, determined that it

would not be her last orgasm of the day. Dimly, she could feel other hands

and mouths on her skin, as though everyone wanted to taste her. Linda slid

out of the way, and Violet found herself face to face with Kim's sensuous

mound. Hungrily, she plunged her tongue inside, eager to taste more.

"Have her turn over," Linda said. Anton withdrew from Violet's ass, and

Violet whimpered a bit, and rolled over. Anton quickly positioned himself so

that he would be under Violet when she rolled, and Sasha, the girl who had

been pumping her with the dildo, guided Anton's cock back into Violet's ass.

Violet clenched her ass muscles around his cock, and Anton grunted, resuming

his savage rhythm from where he had left off. Kim knealt over Violet's

face, and Violet slid her tongue again into Kim's cunt, causing Kim to

moan with pleasure. Linda draped herself over Violet's front, sucking on her

tits and rubbing her clit against Violet's. Sasha and Elizabeth alternated

between licking Violet's cunt and eating out Linda, while finger-fucking each


Violet was in ecstacy as she plunged her tongue into the rapidly overheat-

ing Kim. Her nipples were being wildly stimulated by Linda, Sasha and Liz

were thrusting their hot tongues into her sugary walls, and Anton's thick

prick spread her asshole to the breaking point. Momentarily she wondered what

her brother, Martin, would think of his best friend Anton fucking her up the

ass. Sadly, he had not chosen to join the cheerleading squad, like Anton had,

so he was not here to ask in person. Suddenly, Anton let out a loud yell and

came, filling Violet's ass with his hot jism. Kim came as well, coating

Violet's face with sticky sweet liquid. As Kim lifted up, Linda started

licking Violet's face and sliding her tongue into Violet's mouth again, sharing

the delicious cum with each other.

Linda and Violet came simultaneously, and they both cried out, their clits

pressed firmly against each others. The waves of orgasm slammed through

Violet, the most violent orgasm she had ever had, rocking her petite frame

and causing her vision to turn red. Dimly, she heard Sasha and Elizabeth cry

out, and decided that they must have made each other cum as well.

Finally, she came down from her explosive high, and rolled off Anton.

She rolled back and kissed him tiredly but passionately. It was Linda's turn

next, then Kim's, then Elizabeth's, then Sasha's - every kiss felt warmly


"Well, I say she's in," Linda said at last. "How many agree?"

"Aye!" Anton said first.

"Aye!" Sasha added, licking Elizabeth's cum off her fingers.

"Aye!" Elizabeth said.

"Aye!" Kim said.

"Well, that's everybody," Linda announced. "Welcome to..."

"What about the second requirement?" Sasha asked.

"Oh, yeah," Linda replied. "Violet, what's the capital of Uruguay?"

"Montevideo," Violet replied. Everyone paused a moment to giggle at the


"Welcome to the Herringway High cheerleading squad, Violet," Linda

completed her announcement, hugging Violet warmly.

"Yes, bra-vo," a deep, manly voice said from the shadows. Everyone

whirled in surprise and confusion, but only Linda retained the wits to turn on

the rest of the lights.

They revealed a man, about twenty-three years of age, clad only in a

pair of spandex shorts. He was quite tall, nearly seven and a half feet tall,

and his skin was the same light caramel-color that Linda's foster sister

Aphasia's skin was. Linda briefly wondered where Aphasia was, as she had not

seen her since school that day.

"Who are you, mister?" Linda asked. "Get outta here before I call the


"Now, my dear, I am not here to attack you," the man said. "I am here

because your sexual skills may be the only hope of saving this planet from

alien invasion."

"You're an alien?" Violet asked, confused.

"Yes," the man said. Violet noticed his dark hair as he spoke, and his

deep hazel eyes. "I am Aphasia's brother, Bob."


"Wh--Where am I--where's my clothing---" Martin Prescott mumbled as he

started coming out of the haze he had been in.

"Sssssh," Aphasia said, putting a finger over his lips. "I am sorry I've

had to do this to you, Marty. They forced me to abduct you from your planet,

to bring you here, to the planet Hornia, to serve a cruel and sinister


"Wait, wait, back up a sec," Martin said, sitting up. He noticed that

Aphasia was still nude, which caused his cock to grow a bit, despite her

confusing words. Looking around, he saw he was in an elegantly furnished

room, on a large bed near the center of the room, stretched out next to

Aphasia. A window outside displayed a deep red sky, with alien shuttlecraft

occasionally flying by. He gulped.

"This will not be easy for you to take, Marty," Aphasia went on. "So,

please don't be angry with me. I'm not really an exchange student from

Guatemala. I am a native of this planet, Hornia, located many light years

away in the Beta Gamma Gamma Delta Sigma Epsilon Phi Rho Delta Sigma quadrant.

Years ago, I was selected by the ruling council to be an agent on Earth, to

procure an Earth male that was needed for the Empress Maya's scheme to

conquer the Earth and it's desperately needed resources. There was a

significant group opposed to such a plan, but they were outvoted. They

implated biomonitors in my skin, DNA samplers and memory chips in me, so they

could communicate at all times, and control the process by which I took control

of your body."

"You took control...?" Martin asked, stunned.

"Yes," Aphasia said. "That was how you got here. You drank my orgasm,

which sent the initial control drug into your biosystem, which also boosted

your sexual stamina. When I sucked you off, I analyzed the DNA patterns in

your cum and came up with a bioimage that I could use to telepathically control

you. That control is still in effect - they've just allowed me to let go

while we're locked up in here."

"You mean, you didn't do this because you liked me...?" Martin asked.

"Not at first," Aphasia admitted, a look of sadness on her face. "But

you were nice, and cute, too, and I couldn't help but select you. When control

gave the go ahead, I went ahead and seduced you. I'm sorry, Marty."

"Don't be," Martin replied. "It's not like you had to twist my arm or

anything. But why are they forcing you to do this?"

"They plan to conquer Earth by unleashing a powerful weapon on Earth,

through the dimensional rifts which only we can control. Have you noticed the

intense sexual charge in the atmosphere since you woke up?"

"I think I have," Martin said, his cock already stiffening again. Idly,

Aphasia's hand stroked Martin's thighs, which didn't help matters any. "It's

almost impossible not to be horny now."

"Through new breakthroughs in Hornian science, the Empress has managed to

increase the general sexual lust of the people of Hornia dramatically. It's

been building for months now, while the people have been adjusting to it

gradually, feeding it carefully. It's central focus is on the Empress Maya

herself. When a properly trained Earthman (that will be you) has sex with

her, that will unleash the total sum lust of the planet Hornia, driving it

down on planet Earth like a hammer. The people of Earth will be incapacitated.

With no opportunity to adjust to the heightened levels of desire, they will

drop everything to satisfy their new lust. Defense stations will be unmanned,

armies will be immobilized - our forces will conquer Earth easily."

"That's brilliant," Martin said. "Fiendish, but brilliant."

"They are holding my parents hostage," Aphasia continued. "Also, most of

my brothers and sisters, my aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, family

pets, friends, and a few random people off the street. They've threated to

kill them all unless I comply with their wishes."

"And what are their wishes right now?" Martin asked.

"I am to continue controlling you, while they train you in the sexual

techniques of a dozen empires, Marty. When they are done, you will be forced

to trigger the wave of lust that will doom Earth."

"And what are *your* wishes?" Martin asked, moving closer to Aphasia's


"I want," Aphasia replied, "to fuck your brains out."

"I love it when you sweet-talk like that," Martin said, pulling Aphasia

fiercely close. In the next room, a figure watching the monitor chuckled

to itself.

Part Three

Aphasia slid her tongue into Martin's mouth, swirling it over his tongue.

He pulled her closer, his hardened prick rubbing against her wet, trim pussy,

causing them both to let out rumbles of delight. As he rolled over on top of

her, he spotted something on the table next to the large, circular bed.

"What are you doing?" Aphasia asked, when Martin broke off the kiss and

rolled within reach of the table. "That's the meal that was left here for us.

We can eat later."

"I wasn't thinking of eating," Martin replied, lifting a pot. He opened

the lid and sniffed. "Mmmmm, what's this?"

"Syrup," Aphasia replied. Martin smiled and brought the pot back over to

where Aphasia lay. She could see small curls of steam escaping from the pour-

spout. "What...are you going to do with that?"

"You'll see," Martin promised, lying down between Aphasia's long caramel-

colored legs. Her breath grew heavier as she felt his breath hot on her clit.

He tipped the pot slightly, and some hot syrup poured out of the pour-spout,

landing precisely on the clit, and flowing down over her labia.

"AAAAhhhhhhaaahhh!" Aphasia yelled, her back arching. "Oh, yes, Martin!

I feel like I'm on fire!" Martin grinned and set the syrup aside, then lowered

his mouth to her cunt lips, swirling his tongue in the hot syrup. His tongue

slid inside her, drawing the sticky syrup with it, mingling it's taste with

Aphasia's sweet insides. Aphasia moaned, lifting her hips up, as his tongue

slipped out and he started to swirl it around her syrup-drenched clit.

As his teeth and tongue stimulated Aphasia, he took a couple fingers and

traced them in the syrup, coating them with it, and slid them inside her,

heightening her passion and his own. He felt his cock straining with

hardness, and swung his ass around so that his prick was suspended directly

above Aphasia's mouth. Aphasia eagerly took the eight inch cock into her

mouth, letting it sink in inch by inch as she ran her hot tongue over it's

length. She wrapped her arms around his ass and pulled him down, sinking

his shaft further and further until she was deep throating the entire length.

Martin, newly aroused by Aphasia's mouth, plunged his tongue deeper into

Aphasia's vagina, while his syrup-covered fingers teased her rim. He heard

deep "Mmmmmmmm" sounds vibrate through her body, and knew she was building

towards orgasm, fast. Suddenly, she came, with Martin's tongue buried deep

inside her, tasting her sweet, intoxicating flow. In the back of his mind,

he knew this was how she had taken the first step in establishing mind-

control over him, but he didn't care, as his tongue plunged in and out of her,

determined to drink all of her juices.

After her body stopped quaking and her moaning subsided, Aphasia rolled

Martin over, her tongue still caressing his cock-tip. When he saw her reaching

for the hot syrup, he stiffened for a second, but relaxed - after all,

turnabout is fair play. As the syrup touched his balls, waves of scalding

heat and intense pleasure shot through him, causing him to grip the bed

edges and moan loudly. Aphasia giggled a bit and poured more syrup over his

cock, coating it with steaming liquid. Martin expected her mouth next, but

was surprised when she replaced the syrup on the table and picked up a bowl

with a spoon jutting out of it.

His unspoken question was answered when a mass of chilled whipped cream

engulfed his cock-tip, mixing the intense heat with cold chills. Martin's

breathing grew more ragged as Aphasia coated the rest of his cock with cream,

and nearly passed out when he felt her moist tongue push through to touch

his cock-tip, pushing into the slit. Slowly, deliberately, she swallowed his

cock, inch by inch, the hot syrup and the cream mixing inside her mouth as

she sucked him. Soon, she was bobbing up and down on him, while her right

hand rubbed syrup and whipped cream over her heaving breasts.

She lifted her mouth from him, and started rubbing his dick against her

nipples, as Martin groaned with pent-up pleasure. "Let me fuck your tits,

Aphasia, please!"

"Mmmmm, yes, Marty," she said, rolling off him. Immediately, he was

on her, straddling her torso and rubbing his cock over Aphasia's rock-hard

nipples. He slid his shaft between her fair-sized breasts and pushed them

together, forming a ring of syrup-and-cream lubricated flesh around his

rod. As he began thrusting forward, she reached around and gripped his ass

cheeks, pulling him forward.

Martin felt the friction increasing as his cock pumped between Aphasia's

tits. Aphasia tilted her head forward, giving the cock-head a lick on every

full thrust. The heat between her breasts increased, and she moaned with

ecstacy, one hand dipping down between her own legs, to slide a couple of

fingers inside her cunt. He thrust faster, feeling his balls starting to

tingle in a familiar way. Aphasia thrust her fingers deep inside herself,

feeling another wave of passion building. Suddenly, it erupted, causing her

to yell with primal lust. Martin's prick erupted, then, jetting his hot,

creamy boy-juice onto Aphasia's chin and mouth and nose. He released her

tits and moved forward, Aphasia catching his head in her mouth and drinking

the remaining spurts, a feeling of deep satisfaction spreading through her.

As she licked his dick clean, she sighed a bit, memory of their situation

reasserting itself. Martin laid next to her and kissed her deeply, not

minding that his own cum coated her lips and tongue.

As they were coming off their high, they heard the door swing open.

Martin lifted his head up, to see a truly stunning sight. She stood nine

feet tall, with skin the same dark, carmel color that Aphasia's was. Though

cloaked in bright-colored robes, Martin couldn't help but feel he could see

her body underneath, every move communicating intense sexuality.

"Empress Maya!" Aphasia gasped.

"It's time that his training begins," Maya said without preamble. "So

that when he triggers the wave of lust that will engulf Earth, it will be

attuned to the frequency of humans on Earth, and not our species." She

turned to go, but turned her head back, her lip curling up in a tight smile.

"Clean off first, though. Syrup tends to corrode the electrodes." She left,

closing the door behind her.

"I'm sorry, Marty," Aphasia said, as she re-asserted her telepathic

control over Martin. He tried to reply that he understood, but did not know

if he got the words out before his world turned to nothingness around him.


"This place," Violet Prescott said, a slight undercurrent of a moan

underneath, "is making me feel...aroused."

"Me too..." Linda Tomachen replied. She ran a hand over her wet

shaven pussy, and groaned a bit. "I'm glad you had us leave our clothes

behind, Bob. My panties would be soaked through by now. What *is* this place?"

"It is part of the danger that your world faces," Bob said, as he led

Violet, Linda, Kim, Elizabeth, Sasha, and Anton, collectively known as the

Herringway High cheerleading squad down the dark corridor.

"Some danger, huh?" Kim asked. Sasha and Elizabeth giggled.

"Listen, we believe you're not from this planet and all, seeing as you

conjured up that dimensional rift thing just like that," Linda said. "But

when are you going to tell us what's going on around here? Where's Aphasia?"

"We're just about there...ah, here," Bob said. "Quickly, inside."

They slipped through the door, which Bob quickly closed behind them, and

turned on the light. The cheerleaders could see four other people besides

themselves and Bob. Two of them were men, and two of them were women. All

four were naked as they were.

"You found them," one of the women moaned, playing with the nipple clamps

on her nipples. "The lust index has been shooting through the roof. The

horniness of the planet is building towards critical mass - we don't have

much time."

"We have some time," Bob replied. "We won't be able to slip past the

guards until tonight. Time enough to introduce ourselves and explain the

situation to those we hope will be able to save both our worlds."

"I'll start," the woman said. "My name is Sykanna. I used to be the

high priestess of the Church of the Perpetual Nipple Clamps, until Maya usurped

my position, and used it to build her way to the position of Empress."

"I am Mylar," the other woman mrrred. "Maya's sister and the true heir

to the throne."

"I am Cabarem," one of the men spoke up. "I was the one who came up with

the scientific breakthroughs that allowed Maya to order that the lust of the

planet Hornia build in the atmosphere to the current critical level."

"My name is Chet," the last man spoke. "I just work here."

"We are all that remains of the opposition to the Empress Maya," Bob said.

"Her plan is to conquer Earth, using the accumulated pent up feelings of

arousal to incapacitate the people of Earth. No human will be able to stand

against the force of the blast - all will be made instantly, overridingly

horny, dropping everything to satisfy their new carnal lust. While they are

so occupied, Maya's army of occupation will invade Earth through the dimension-

al rifts, one of which you have seen, and take over, where we will be able to

take the plentiful resources that are Earth's, resources this planet

desperately needs."

"If your planet needs the resources," Violet asked. "Why do you want to

stop it?"

"We oppose conquest," Sykanna told her. "This used to be a peaceful,

happy planet until Maya rose to power. Since then, she's built an army of

occupation, and has used our superior sexual technology to evil ends. It was

she who ordered that Aphasia be infiltrated into Earth, posing as an exchange

student from Guatemala, and she oversaw the mindcontrol process personally, as

Aphasia seduced your brother Martin."

"Marty's here?" Violet asked. "Where is he?"

"Look at the monitor," Chet said. The monitor flared, showing an empty

bedroom. Chet frowned and pressed a button, switching to the showers adjoining

the room. Violet and the rest of the cheerleaders gasped as they saw Aphasia,

naked, rubbing Martin's body with soap, and guiding him under the shower to

rinse him off. "We were able to tap into Maya's security camera system."

"He looks like he's asleep," Anton said.

"In a sense, he is," Mylar mrrrred. "Aphasia has reestablished mind-

control over him, and will probably be taking him to Maya for his first

training session. You should have seen them going at it earlier, though."

"Maya is compelling Aphasia to control Martin," Bob said. "She is holding

her family, friends, pets, and assorted others hostage. They only missed me

because I was in the red light district dressed in a french maid's costume at

the time, but they got the rest of my family. Once Martin is trained, he will

be sent to Maya to trigger her. They will collectively act as a focusing

device, sending the cumulative lust of Hornia to blast Earth and open the

way for invasion."

"We need you to help us rescue the hostages," Cabarem said. "And

hopefully, to decontrol Martin. Your highly developed sexual regimen has made

you the perfect strike force for the job. Will you accept?"

"I will," Violet declared. "I have to rescue my brother."

"I will, too," Linda said. "Aphasia's my foster sister, even if she

isn't from Guatemala." Kim, Anton, Sasha, and Elizabeth all gave their ready

assent. "When do we go to work?"

"Not until nightfall, which is several hours from now," Bob said.

"Several hours," Violet moaned, "I don't think I can stand being this

horny for several more hours." Bob moved forward, and kissed Violet steamily.

"No one said we had to just wait," Bob said, when the kiss broke. Violet

moaned and reached down to stroke Bob's hardened shaft. He was a good ten

inches long, and Violet felt a sudden, intense desire to have all ten inches

inside her.

As she knealt to take Bob's cock into her mouth, Sasha and Kim were

descending on Cabarem, who gladly sucked and licked on Sasha's tits while

Kim sank her mouth on his rock-hard penis. Mylar's mrrrrring noises increased

as Anton draped his body over hers, sliding his tongue into her mouth while he

he rubbed her slit with his stiff dick. Linda teased Sykanna's nipple clamps

with her teeth while her fingers started rubbing Sykanna's clit, causing her

to tremble with passion. Elizabeth sat directly down on Chet's outstretched

shaft, moaning as his thickness filled her and he started teething her right


Violet moaned, her mouth filled to near bursting with Bob's delicious

meat. He thrust his cock in and out of her, fucking her mouth with a slow,

deliberate rhythm. She felt hands on her ass, and looked back out of the

corner of her eye to see Cabarem sinking his cock deep into her ass, while

Kim slid under her to slide her tongue into her cunt, filling her with new

waves of passion. She could barely see Elizabeth riding Chet like a stallion,

their passionate moans echoing in the room, while Sasha joined Linda and

Sykanna by sitting on Sykanna's face, while Linda explored Sykanna's sugar

walls with her eager tongue.

Anton groaned as he started thrusting savagely into Mylar, her mrrring

sounds now a constant mrrr of pleasure. Elizabeth got up from Chet and led

Chet over to Anton and Mylar, indicating that Chet should fill up her backside

while Elizabeth worked on tasting Mylar's nipples. Violet lost her vision for

a moment, as her body was wracked with it's first orgasm in nearly a half hour.

There was something about the atmosphere of this planet, she decided, that

dramatically increased sexual stamina, as well as desire. She hoped so, at

least. Bob erupted in her mouth, and she ceased all but her primal thoughts,

drinking his hot semen hungrily. As he withdrew from her mouth, Kim slid up

and helped her lick him clean, then shared a long kiss with Violet. As Kim

slid up further, Violet leaned down and clenched Kim's left nipple in her mouth

sucking on it as the pounding in her ass grew stronger.

Mylar let out a long scream of ecstacy, while Anton kept fucking her in

a demanding rhythm, his own moans rising. Chet thrust in and out of Liz's

ass, as she arched her back and groaned passionately. Sykanna and Sasha came

simultaneously, with Sasha coating Skyanna's face with her delicious girl-

fluids, and Sykanna coming to orgasm as Linda's tongue plunged into her cunt.

As Linda drank Sykanna's tasty liquid, she felt Bob's tongue in her own vagina,

probing deeply. Her back arched, as Sasha climbed off of Sykanna and went

to work on Linda's left nipple, while Sykanna removed one of her nipple clamps

and placed it on Linda's right nipple, twisting it occasionally as Linda

panted with delight.

Violet felt a hot sensation in her ass as Cabarem jetted his fiery liquid

deep into her, his cry of passion ringing in her ears. Suddenly, she came

as well, and Cabarem plunged his fingers into her cunt, determined to have

a taste of her. Kim arched her back, and Violet teethed her clit, rewarded

by the spasms of ecstasy on Kim's face. Chet groaned victoriously, as did

Liz, as Chet came deep inside Liz's ass. Linda screamed with delight, and

Sasha and Sykanna dropped down to share Linda's sweet liquid with Bob.

Anton let out a yell, as he withdrew his cock from Mylar's cunt and

shot hot jism over her chest, hitting Elizabeth's face as well as Mylar's.

Elizabeth licked the cum off of Mylar's chest, spending extra time on the

nipples, before giving Mylar a deep, tongue-twisting kiss. Kim screamed, and

Violet was rewarded with sweet juices on her tongue, which she drank down


"What do you know?" Bob said, looking at the clock on the wall. "Just

half an hour until we can move out. Enough time to clean up and get our

plans ready."

"Won't we be horny again in a half hour?" Violet asked, her mouth still

coated with Kim's cum.

"We probably will," Bob said. "But we'll have to save that energy for

the mission." The group entered the showers in the next room, and proceeded

to use up an indecent amount of hot water.

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