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Embassy/Modern/Avalon Review - My First Time

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Popped my Boston Club cherry this weekend... Friday night, Jesse and I went out with Juni, Warren, Lauren, Erin, Amelia, Megan, Jen & Jen, and a couple other kids... most of them go to Northeastern, so if you recognize any names feel free to PM me.

Modern was fun... we got in without having to wait in line or pay cover and had reserved a table, so we sat around drinking for a while and I took a look around. Definite Euro feel, small but nice layout, laid-back atmosphere, chill lounge-y type music (I recognized most of them, have a lot of friends from Greek and Italy). All in all, a nice place to come back to and kick back in after dancing for a bit.

Didn't spend much time in Embassy... fun setup, small dancefloor... saw a lot of rolling strippers all up on some guys... good music, but I wanted to go see Ferry...

Avalon... what can I say, Ferry Corsten is the MAN... great set, kept the crowd moving... the place was packed. The sound system wasn't that hot, but the dancers were and so was the scene. I liked it... had an amazing time... and I'll be back.

Other random Boston news.. Newberry Street shopping was fun... gotta love Diesel and FCUK. We had lunch at Cheers on Saturday, and were going to stop by Venue Saturday night... Jesse's girl Lily is seeing the dj (Niko)... but we were a little too tired and decided to stay in. Maybe next time? I heard there's a crazy Greek scene there, which is fun...

Okay, that's all for now... all in all, I had a wonderful weekend. :heart:


~kitten >^.^<

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Ferry was unbelievable! I had a great time, the crowd was jumping and the beats kept me dancing as much as I could considering what I was trying to accomplish... lol:D Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself, kitten! Also, Boston is not complete without a trip down Newbury Street!


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