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the thrill of being naughty....

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K....Y is it that when you know you are doing something that you really shouldn't be doing, it's always so much better????

I was @ my bf's parent's house this weekend, and we were trying our best to be on good behavior, but we just couldn't keep our hands away! OMFG!!!! Lovins was AMAZING!!!!! :heart:


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Thats always the case...I went to visit my father with my b/f and it was soooo hard to be good. I was actually being the more naughty one. My dad didnt want us staying in the room, but we ended up doing that. we had to sleep in separate beds, but shit I got up in the middle of the night and crawled up next to him. He was the one saying no cause my dad would kick his ass... Oh well He caved in, as all men do:rolleyes: ...but I just wanted some :tongue: and then give him some:o and then to top it all off :hump:

Ahh the joy of being naughty...sex and other shit is so much better when you know u could get caught or its scandulous;)

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