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My Deep Dish @ Transit (& Envy, & Philly in general) review....

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I brought two girlfriends of mine to Transit... it was their first time ever at a rave-esque event. We arrived around 2am, and the place was PACKED. It was ridiculous. We made our way to the very front and started dancing... got pushed around by some trashy dj groupies, so we moved to the side (bar/pillar left of the stage) and chilled there for awhile. I was the little Asian girl in a pink tube top, super low rise jeans and comfy sneakers...

Is it just me, or does Philly seriously lack good dancers? Maybe I just wasn't around any... disappointing because most of the girls around me were grinding (GRINDING!!!) with guys... I'm sorry, but you just don't grind to house... grr. Pet peeve.

What was up with the "VIP room" upstairs? Didn't look like much of a party to me...

The basement was fun... some good dancers down there, especially one taller, younger, lankier guy and his two female friends. We took a break on the couches for a little while just watching... my girls really have to work on their stamina, because they were ready to go around 6am.

All in all, we had a good time... Deep Dish was terrific, and I was glad I got the chance to see a live performance.

OTHER PHILLY-RELATED REVIEWS: Walnut was a great place to pick up new clothes... pricey, but definitely worth it. My friend Mona and I walked 20 blocks into South Philly for a cheesesteak from Geno's... MMMMMMMMMMMM. :D Yum yum yum.

Oh yeah... we also checked out Envy on Friday night. It was nice getting in for free (just pose as a Jefferson Medical student, they don't check IDs), but then again it was a really good thing we did... I wasn't impressed with the setup or atmosphere. A friend of mine had a little too much to drink, so I spent most of the night taking care of her... that also kinda killed the mood. The dj on the second floor played reaaaaaaaally old stuff (Castles in the Sky, I Turn to You, Let Me Love You Tonight, etc.), and once again... a severe lack of decent dancers. Most people were there for the meat market atmosphere... the skanky law and med school students drunk off their asses got old real quick.

All in all, I had a nice time... picked up a few new outfits/shoes, did some dancing (at Transit), sampled a good Philly cheesesteak, took in the sights. I may be back to visit my girls again, but until then I think I'll stick with NYC. Oh, and Jeff - sorry I wasn't at Life Sunday night, my friend decided she needed to make her Monday morning pathology lecture after all, and we stayed in watching cheesy movies. Maybe next time?

Back to the grind,

~kitten >^.^<

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look what happened, you went to envy.....blah, prob the worst place in old city!!! I told you to go to moda and beth was waitin for you......next time you come to town...Im gonna hunt you down!!! be safe and glad you had a good time.....Kimball rocked, you MISSED IT!!!

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Haha YES! The infamous "hey, let's all grind to house/trance music." Just more clear evidence that as yet, there is absolutely no scene in philly. Goddamn, when I get back this summer, I have to make sure to take many a trip to New York and DC. And about that DJ at Envy playing castles in the sky, i turn to you, etc : standard. Good songs, but yes, old and overplayed. I try to learn to live with it, especially being under 21 and being confined to shitty clubs like egypt and shampoo, where as you said, it is just a meat market atmosphere. Hey getting wasted and trying to get wit some girl is no crime, but lets get something together for the music lovers, a la Vinyl in NYC (no alc and no bullshit i hear...and DT) And Deep Dish are fucking great, I envy all of you that saw them, looking forward to seeing them should i venture to DC. One last thing, I read somewhere that Transit is a membership only club is or was that ever true, cuz i think id really like to go there if they have talent like Deep Dish coming through at times.

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