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What Have You Learned On The Sex Board This Week?

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1) This board is not about male or female domination, but Latin Domination (Ya Tu Sabes!)

2) Chula22 has the fever for the flavor of...herself!

(and why not, you might too if you could)

3) Lina is caught in an area many of us are familiar with, somewhere between being horny and sexually frustrated

(hoping that cums to an end real soon)

4) Glowdancer truly has heart into this board - among other body parts.

(honest answers to come, I swear)

5) Tasty...well she's just that...tasty

(couldnt have a post w/out you in it...think i'm developing a tasty addiction)

...anyone else?

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i learned that its easy to become a smoke-break whore

most of us are official post whores

i learned that highmay likes virgins...

and most of all... i learned that no matter what i do or how hard i try, i will FOREVER be a hornball.


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