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I broke Cp...

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by accident DaVe asked me to do him a favor, and run down the bldg were the servers are, and i didn't really know what i was doing... but i didnt want to look like a dick and tell him so i went down there and fucked a whole bunch of shit up... i started crossing wires, hookin up crazy shit... messing around with all the accounts i read some of your PM's quite amusing... apples dont sweat it your secret is safe with me the rest of the board wont know about joeg and gay gang bang... well quite amusing had a lot of fun but... just wanted to say sorry for breaking CP...

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personally.. i dont think its that high tech...

i think this board is an on a p2-450 pc with server loaded on it...

some terminal services so he dont even have to buy a switch box.

no router... just a cable modem with a static IP. nothing high tech... notice the lag on download / upload...

unless if his web space provider is running a dual 56k connection???



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