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On average how long do you usually rest your brain?


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I usually get between 5 - 7... almost always between 6-6.5 though.

In college I went over a month getting less than 5 hours of sleep each night (no exceptions). It was insane.. that tired feeling you have all day when you don't get enough sleep, just never went away. But, after a while, you get completely used to it and it doesn't feel bad anymore. Then, after that was done, if I got 6 hours of sleep it felt like 8. I was trained to live on 4.

I've never been a big fan of sleeping... there are so many thing's I'd rather be doing... I hate the idea of sleeping my life away!

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Originally posted by magilicuti

I'm about 7 too

hey...u said you don't sleep...:blank: ....hehehe

I sleep in doses....4 hours at night....and about 3 hours in the afternoon...I have the most retarted sleeping patterns EVER!!!

1st Dose - 4am-8am

2nd Dose - 11am-2pm

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MY problem is sleeping too much. If i dont let an alarm clock wake me up, I can easily sleep for up to 12 hours.. Its not uncommon for me to do 14-16 hours.Some may say I'm lucky to have that much sleep, too bad I dont see it that way. I think its a curse. When I wake up after sleeping for 12 hours, I feel sooooo tired and un-motivated. All I do is sit at home, in my pj's, reading and posting on CP....

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