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Baby Oil


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Anyone ever use baby oil for sex or massages??

I was talking to my friend and he said he never tried it, so I found that kind of weird, so have any of you sex freaks ever used it??

It is a really good thing..if you never tried it...:D

It is very erotic especially when you use it for the massage then have sex...mmmhmm...

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Originally posted by synderella420

Oh yes I think I am about due for one of those nice long massages..it jsut releases so much tension...

Time to make the phone calls lol..

Can I be number one on the call list? :D

I'll be waiting by the phone.

The only catch is that after I'm finshed doing you, you have to do me ;)

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Oh he11 yeah! I love massage oils! We never use baby oil, cuz it's kinda nasty. Save it for when you take the sheets off the water bed. The best non-scented oil is sunflower seed oil, I think. It sticks around just long enough for a nice massage, and you can add your own herbs and flavors to it.

I'm a huge fan of the Bath and Body Works aromatherapy line, though! We have Vanilla, Lavendar, an Orangey Awake and the Eucaliptus Relax. Dude, we massage before sex nealry every time! It all started with this sweet little book called The Art of Sexual Massage. It's totally cheezy about how it goes into the body's energy flows, but after studying it and trying it, I'm totally a beliver.

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