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favorite vinyls or dancetracks of all time????

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this was a very hard decision to make.. first i started off with a top 10 then it ended up being 20, then 32, finally i had to force myself to stop or else i would ended up with like 100 favorite tracks of all time.... its a hard choice to make when so much good music has come on into the scene. so, make a list of as many as you want of what tracks are going to be displayed as your unforgettable favorite tracks of all time.

1. william orbit- barber's adagio fo strings (ferry corsten rmx)

2. moonman- don't be afraid 98 or 99

3. moby- why does my heart feel so bad (ferry corsten rmx)

4. blank & jones- cream (pvd rmx)

5. paul van dyk- for an angel

6. mauro picotto- iguana (blank & jones rmx)

7. tin tin out- trance with me (dj jam x & deleon rmx)

8. earthbound- essence of life

9. belearic bill- destination sunshine (tiesto rmx)

10. push- universal nation (original or ferry corsten rmx)

11. elastic culture- u (dj scot project rmx)

12. binary finary- 1999 or 2000 (gouryella rmx)

13. lost witness- 7 colors (original)

14. lost witness- red sun rising (lange rmx)

15.mauro picotto- komodo (megavoices rmx)

16. dj jan- x santo (transa rmx)

17. ?- something wonderful

18. dj jam x & deleon- can u dig it?

19. planet perfecto- bullet in the gun

20. bedrock- heaven scent

21. faithless- god is a dj

22. dido- here with me (johnny vicious rmx or the version with nina maitri doing the vocals)

23. sunbeam vs push- please save me (club mix)

24. system f- cry

25. system f- dance valley theme 2001

26. barthezz- on the move (dumonde rmx)

27. transa- astrodawn

28. brooklyn bounce- club bizzare (dj scot project rmx)

29. dumonde- never look back (tiesto rmx)

30. john gielien- velvet moods (tiesto rmx)

31. russian mafia- go

32. goureyella- goureylla

and there is still alot more that i can't think of right now, but i would like to see whats your favorites

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Well Yeesh, have to rank em and everything??? Guess I'll take a shot at it...I'll try to avoid stuff that came out less than a year ago, and keep it to shit that makes me go nuts when I hear it out

1. Tony Faline - Mind over Matter...not so much anymore, but brings back memories

2. Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar (Armand's Dark Garage Mix)

3. Double 99 - Ripgroove

4. I-F - Space Invaders are Smoking Grass

5. Freq Nasty - Under Glass

6. Biochip C - Go Bang (Jackyl and Hyde Mix)

7. Future Cut - Sex Drive

8. Oxide and Neutrino - No Good 4 Me (I actually like Prodigy's original better, but not really dance music these days anyway)

9. Praga Khan - Injected with a Poison (both the Original mix and the Don Svenson Mix)

10. Jameson - Urban Hero

Eh, I'm sure I'll come back and edit this, but here's as it stands for now

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