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prescription medicine online

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Yo man the Cool and Easy way to get Prescription Drugs are to just fake a toothache. Thats what I did and I got a ton of free Vicadin and Mad Codeine. Also another tip is to go snooping throught your medicine cabinet where all the prescription drugs are. Sometimes, people get toothaches and doctors prescribe codeine and when the pain stops, people still have the codeine laying around in their house. Just the other night I took 2 codeines and a vicadin, crushed em' up and put them into a beer. I drank 2 beers and got fucked up!:D

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HI nycetouch ... I have heard nothing but BAD things about ordering meds online. They are either not legit, way too much money...or worse..they get arrested. BE CAREFULL. The only way to get them is really by asking around in your area. Good luck

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If you do your research and ask for recomendations (but not from me) you have a pretty good chance of getting what you want, and virtually no chance of getting arested. As long as you dont order 2000 vicodins, the worst that will happen is that customs will send you a letter explaining that they kept your shit and their employees took it home.

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Listen to this...just read this off another board:


Back in mid September, before the anthrax scare and close scrutiny of the mail, I had ordered some pain medicine and sleeping medication online because my doctor, who has a rather conservative approach to pain management and similar problems, refused to prescribe either. I felt desperate then, as pain from peripheral neuropathy and lack of sleep were making me a wreck in the mornings, when I had to get up and get to work. The package never came, and I suspected it fell victim to closer scrutiny of the mail in the wake of anthrax discoveries. Today I received a visit from the police, and tomorrow I must talk to a police investigator about my "illegal" ordering of prescription medicine via the Web. Oh boy, just what I need. The terrorists have affected many more lives than they will ever realize. MIKE


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