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Originally posted by dgmodel

lmao... ROTFLMAO!!! more importantly now im laughing at the fact that its your ppl... however you cant even spell your country's name right... "Chiantown" lmao... omg.. ahhahahaha

:laugh: :laugh:

Like me writing Grease

Smelling like Sardines.......classic. Some of those people are ruthless in CHIANTOWN. You gimmie 5 dolla!!!! Best deals in the city though...........

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Originally posted by atomicapples

why the fuck are my people soo grimey looking??

they all fucking smell like sardines...

as if they didn't smell bad enough...their manners are even more awful!

How many people here have been cut off, bumped into, shoulder swiped on the street....or just plain blasted past by one of these sardines on the street or elsewhere????

Not to mention their driving sucks!

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