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Sexual positions...

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gratz on two years...im proud of myself if i last two weeks...heh

Positions are related to your style.

From rough and aggressive to gentle and teasing.

Ive always been fond of an armless chair.

Myself sitting on it with my lady on top.

Gives me maximum arm movement.

Then again nailing her to the wall off her feet while watching the paintings bounce is fun too.


if your into positions there ae about a bazillion books.

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He is sort of a tall man, so sometimes things are difficult. RDancer that position has already been tried, two years together=many different sexual positions.... hehe

I was thinking about something that could possible drive him wild, I want to drive him crazy tonight:eek:

I am open to anything besides the back door:D

Any more suggestions???

And thanks guys, he is a really awesome guy it would be impossible for me to give him up now...

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Well that's what I was thinking I was going to do, I was thinking about smoking a little tweeds, and then getting all silly....

Anything any of you guys can think of that drive you just absolutly wild, that your girl or any girl can do to you or for you?

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Originally posted by prplhz

Well today is my 2 years anniversary and would like to make tonight extra hot, any suggestions on some great sexual positions???

one position, i haven't tried yet is what i call the "supergirl". where you lean against a table, and put your feet on something sturdy, and nothing else underneath you-so you are suspended. that's just something i would like to try.

for more ideas, check out the kama sutra, try the 68 "arts".

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