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I had a dream last nite that I won 1 million on Fear Factor!

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Omgggg, it seemed sooooo real!!!!!!!!

In the last thing we all hadda jump onto this cake (i dunno dont ask lol), and whoever landed closest to the middle won.

So I jumped and landed exactly in the middle:D :D

So then the guy comes and hands me a check for a million dollars!!! I was so happy that I started cryingg! All I kept thinking about was how I finally have money and I could buy my new car.

And then of course I woke up:( :(

I swear there should be a law against dreams like this.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, maybe its a sign:idea:


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Originally posted by o-jay®

Were pig intestines and zebra testicles also involved in your dream?

hmmmmmm, not that I remember lol

I didnt eat anything gross last nite.

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