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Dating Someone Younger


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my present b/f is 4yrs younger than me. things have been going well. usually the age difference isn't an issue with us. there are times though when he'll say something or act a certain way that reminds me of how young he is.

i guess it depends on where the person is in life. and is that compatible w/ you

edit - oh yeah, the sex :tongue: also depends on the person and how old he is. from my experience young guys can go multiple times a night, but it usually doesnt last as long as the older guys. ehmmm... just*my* experience ;)

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Most of the guys I dated in college and beyond were younger than me. The biggest issue is the maturity level; since guys *tend* to mature slower it can be a problem... but it's not really fair to make such a sweeping generalization; you really have to judge on a case-by-case basis.

As for the sex... I really don't think it makes all that much of a difference... contrary to popular belief, there are younger guys who are very skilled, as well as older guys who are extremely enthusiastic and able to do repeat performances.

So what it comes down to, as with most things- it completely depends on the individual!

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Mmhhh what can I say, my baby is nearly 3 years younger than me and the age difference isn't a problem or issue at all. I've actually always rather been attracted to the same age or younger men...don't know what it is but I guess I just don't have this father complex nor do I want to be anyone's "little princess".

If you have feelings for someone...don't let the age gap bother you too much...hey, why should it...there are hundreds of old farts out there that "decorate" themselves with some young and hot girl...so no one seems to mind there ;)

Regarding the sex... well, glowdancer, all I can say is :D

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My girlfriend is 2 years older than I am, but I can honestly say (and I'm not being a jerk about this) that I feel like I'm the more mature person. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I think it's a little bit of both.

I may only be 22 years old, but I started things at a younger age than most people do. Not saying that I'm better or anything, but it has always been like "been there, done that already". In a way, when I now watch people do the same thing, I'm glad I experienced it already.

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Actually I am dating a younger guy right now. He is only 20 which is a NO NO considering hes not legal but he will be 21 in september. We Get along so well. Its Krazy. And the sex. HAHAHA! Well I thought I was a hornball!

He always wants to fuck. I cant take a shower without him trying to pry his way in. hahahaha!

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