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The Could Be-Might be ***Official*** CP AC Tour

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I can get hotel discounts through work but I don't know which hotels they offer or how far they are away from the "strip" or boardwalk. I have never been there but let me do some research and as soon as I find ut something I will post it.

Who will drive? I have a pretty big car that will seat 4 really comfy and five if we have too.

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Originally posted by therunner

What about leaving sat morning anyway? That way I won't have to use a vacation day and I think the traffic will be better than if we try leaving at like 5:30 or 6:00.

What do you think?

I should have some comps for free rooms, let me dig them up, if I go we could use them if I don't go you guys could use them.....

Yes you definitely want to leave on a Sat. and return on Sun. if you leave here at 5 or 6 on Fri. you won't get there until at least 11. It's a good 4 hrs. without traffic. It's still a month away, but I would most likely go 90%. I would probably drive too.....

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Originally posted by vicman

we can all carpool

Carpooling is what I had in mind when I said that I had a big car and could fit 4-5. And I agree with the depature on SAT, and even though this is a month away I have seen simple BBQ's fall through, just remember that "piss poor planning provides piss poor performance"

Hell I know what I am doing for NYE 2003 already, anybody interested in a trip to London?

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I'm in! I'm not sure how much hotels on the boardwalk are, but if they are too much, there are motels on Blackhorse Pike, just a few miles away.

I also think there's a Hilton or Holiday inn just off the boardwalk thats pretty cheap.

Blackjack, baby, blackjack!

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Originally posted by nourishment

"Yes", replied the tag-along queen.

Ok, well I will be there with bells and whistles on. Also heading there in May-June for Homelands. BTW there will be no DJ's in the DC area on June the 1st. Cause I am going to Whore them all out at the 9 stage 50,000 people event in Hampshire.

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