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Define love


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i believed in love till i found out that you can create those feelings you guys call "love" in others as you wish with a little psychology. so i kinda stopped believing in love cause you learn (by doing) that it IS just a psychological and physiological process that you can trigger by hitting "the right buttons".

so for me, "love" is defined as:

love = power, tool for manipulation

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Love is...

- a feeling, an emotion, a desire, a burning passion for someone.

- that precious feeling you get when she is just lying in your arms and you can feel her breathing, her heart beating.

- that incredible feeling you have when you see your girl smile at you from across the room at a party.

- defined as a disease by many. Once you are infected with it, it can and will make you do crazy things.

When the love is right, there is nothing better in the world and when it goes wrong, it can send your whole world crashing down.

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I'll try,

love to me is more then a feeling. It can put your soul at ease and at the same time break your heart, leaving scars at the process. In good times love never seems to travel by itself but in the company of understanding and tendernes.......so let the good times roll!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest bellaragazza

love is that feeling you get when you stare into someones eyes and just never want to look away...

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Okay so the chick in the american flag can marry me...

if shes really a female....dunno these days..heh

Yeah....my heart is definitly through my stomach.


Originally posted by tastyt

You and your food!

Oh, and Xfactor's a guy.

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love..damn..tough for some1 whos never been in love or told some1 they love them

but i guess ..well to me at least..love is when u love everything about the person u love..stupid sentence but leme try to clarify it

its like u enjoy all the little things the person does..and when u get into a fight nothing matters but making up..u notice all their flaws but u love them more because of those flaws..things just become cute to u..u forget the idea of SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME TOGETHER...things like that r what define love..

i managed to compile this by llisting things that bother me..and then flipping them around..like when i get into a fight ,im waitin for the break up..when i notice flaws, i run...when im around a person too much , i get claustrophobic

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