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homeless sex part 3: the subway series

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Squeegeeman then takes his his sack o' change and makes a run for it to the subway. he runs down to 59th and lex where buys a token and goes all the way to the bottom of the platforms. not beleiving hes had all this crazy sex today he sits down on the bench and starts smoking a cigarette when the train comes. unfortunately a cop steps off the train and starts bitching about the cigarette until a sexy blonde wearing a professional skirt suit and heels and glasses comes and tells the cop shes his lawyer and that it will never happen again. she slyly winks at squeegee man and they walk off togther. she says "i couldnt resist helping you, your just so damn hot. i love your beard and the cheese and lettuce stuck in it. i love the way your teeth are brown like little beans. and i love the way you smoke a cigarette on the train, your like james dean." to which squeegeeman replies "you wanna fuck?" "of course sexy,lets go for a walk" they then proceed to leave the train station to walk to her office. there on the corner of 59th by banana republic and they both catch a "nuts for nuts" cart and then look at each other. she says "ooh i am soo nuts for your nuts. i wonder whats under your trenchcoat. squeegee man winks and slickly replies "i call it manwhich"...

more to come...

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