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whats a good price for 50 hits of double stacked omegas

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10-12 each on 500 is still high...in my neck of the woods 500 would be 6-8 and no more then 10 for sure...hell i can get 100 for 10-12...so 500 would need to be more of a break...the person hookin up the 500 im sure has access to alot more then that obviously...usually price breaks (that ive seen) were 100..250..500..750..1000...etc etc...

i say its to much..for me it would be i guess

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If the people aren't shady and you know they're good, you'll still end up doubling your investment if you don't eat it all. In other words, I wouldn't push a good thing too far. Chances are you'd be about the 3rd middleman in the chain and hence the price jacking...

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