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  1. Why Do Asians Hang In Clicques?

    codica3, honestly, you are ridiculous. how can you just single out korean cliques??? i am korean yet most of my friends are white and jewish . i also do have a group of asian friends too. don't you think that every ethnicity or religion has groups of people who refuse to hang with other people and think that they are better than everyone else? this kind of stuff happens everywhere for various reasons. in many instances, people who have money think they are so much better than people who are poor. people who went to ivy league colleges think that they are so much better than people who did not so they dislike them. you're view is very narrowminded. look at the whole picture.
  2. hellz yeah, i'll be there!!! can't wait!
  3. please...armin does not compare to pvd!!! blueangel, i know you love pvd and they spin and produce similar music but armin has never produced anything even close to pvd's best stuff!
  4. van m bedrock cd...

    When is this compilation coming to stores???
  5. sander kleinenberg GUNubreed 04 - opinions?

    I love the compilation. the last song on disc 2, Hidden Agenda, is a really creepy, spooky track which i think is pure genius. of course it was produced by the man himself.
  6. james holden was at twilo for dt/digweed
  7. Review on Armand needed

    i saw armand for the first time this past friday at roxy. i will say that i am personally a trance/prog. house fan yet armand definitely got me moving. his set had a lot of energy and for the most was pretty hard and bangin. his mixing was okay but it was creative. i must admit his style is personally not my favorite but i would go see him again. the best part about the night at roxy was that the place was empty so there was plenty of room to dance all night. the vibe was pretty crappy though. the lights at roxy were also way too bright. overall, an enjoyable set by armand but i was blown away by pvd when i caught the last 5 hours of his set afterwards.
  8. Dave Seaman - Twilo

    Did Seaman spin his remix of Placebo's Passive Aggressive? It's has some spooky vocals, "Concentrate, it's in your reach...." I love that record!!!
  9. The crowd there is well-dressed and good-looking but I was there in sneakers and jeans prior to going to twilo a couple of fridays ago. really, really good music there. good progressive stuff. great place to chill at before heading out to twilo. david james and bennett are two of the residents there.
  10. check out this interview with Satoshie from BBC-Radio One. he talks a bit about the NYC scene. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/dance/feature_satoshie.shtml
  11. I believe Lawler is spinning from 4 am-close according to twilo's weekly emails. quivver 11-2, dj three 2-4.
  12. the rolling came first for me while i was in college. i graduated in 1999 and then went to europe to backpack for 5 weeks (destinations included london and ibiza) and that's where i fell in love with the music. no matter what country i was in, there were always booming beats being played.
  13. Any PoT Heads on the board???

    Check out www.yahooka.com It's the potsmokers internet search engine!!!
  14. Your times are a bit off because i got to twilo at 3:30 am and eventually got inside at 5:30 am on the dot. Yeah, the doormen kept yelling at that the doors were closed for at least 1 hour between 4:30 and 5 but they started letting people back in at like 5:15. Too bad cause you missed a great set. but it was way to crowded.
  15. b2b - you are right on as usual. as for other good dj's outside twilo, there are plenty! just look at this friday for example, hybrid with a live dj set at twirl and micro at limelight! just go to a record shop and check out all of the flyers and talk to people to find out what big parties are going on at various clubs.