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  1. Riverstreet Fri Review

    As the only member of THE ALLIANCE that attended the party I would have to say it was a success. Great music and props to the dj. Overall the party was a success and I was able to finally lay me eyes on most members of the WARRIORS....great opening party but it wont last long Buzzkill at the end of the night when my girl and me went back to her car in the parking garage to find out it was broken into...had my wallet, credit cards, cell phone taken and my back window smashed....FUCKING NIGGERS!!! Warning to all: Do not park your car near NIGGERS that are hangin out in a parked car smokin' weed.....these people are ANIMATED SOIL as for the WARFAGS.....see you soon -Your Mentor
  2. Warning To The Warfags...

    VIP I support him as well as many others who chose not to waste their time on this board filled with ravers who suck on candy pacifiers and pokemon back packs. You should tell by my handle what we're all about. We've done the tempts thing then went to factory in the same night BACK TO SEASIDE AGAIN FOR SURF!! However those were the good old days when half of our crew were running numbers on who would be the FIRST TO GET CARRIED OUT OF SURF! but we've moved on. I will not degrade you or bombard you with defamations on this message board...but rather in person the way its supposed to be done.....if it is warranted of course respect you elders kid DIE YOUNG DIE BIG DIANABOL
  3. Openin Weekend at Tempts

    yeah tommy you wouldnt get it queenbitch Why do you assume that I've never been there...you make these assumptions BASED ON ABSOLUTLEY NO RESEARCH OR FACT except by the words that I wrote.....I was probably attending that establishment before you were considered an adult... whats up claire
  4. Openin Weekend at Tempts

    why dont you losers have anything better to do than look forward to this opening....the place is not going anywhere, its going to be around ALL SUMMER LONG ...quit pushing the issue
  5. BEST CLUB? Twilo (around for short time in 2001) WORST CLUB? webster hall BEST DJ? junior WORSE DJ? - BEST PARTY? sunday mornings at twilo now earth WORST PARTY? any nye or holiday party BEST LOUNGE? centro-fly WORST LOUNGE? 151 BEST DJ MAKING A COMEBACK? anthony martinez WORSE DJ SLOWLY SLIDING TO THE BOTTOM? skribbles SADDEST CLUB MOMENT? having to show backup id at bunka BEST CLUB MOMENT? - BEST DRINK TO DRINK AT A CLUB? grey goose and red bull WORST DRINK TO DRINK AT A CLUB? beer BEST DRUG TO DO AT A CLUB? x w/k WORST DRUG TO DO AT A CLUB? alcohol BEST PLACE TO MEET A PERSON? none WORSE PLACE TO MEET A PERSON? any club BEST LIGHTING SYSTEM? diva WORSE LIGHTING SYSTEM? metro lounge BEST SOUND SYSTEM? twilo WORSE SOUND SYSTEM? djais BEST CLUB TO GET YOUR MONEYS WORTH? abyss, metro, hunka WORSE CLUB TO GET YOUR MONEYS WORTH? any lounge in the city
  7. Workouts

    I can't wait you degenerate. I'll calf raise you. I'll be there with brass knuckles I dont give a shit. Be prepared to put all you food in a blender after this weekend!! You havent even seen me yet.
  8. Workouts

    do you fellas and hoes honestly think that this the way we truly are!! You think we can could have accomplished what we have with this cocky unhumble attitude!! you guys just dont get the big picture do you?? this is fun..we cause drama and portray humor on this board. We usually start these threads for our group of friends (CK1Posse) And we enjoy reading what is written. I check the site every hour to see what was posted and sit back and laugh.....I LAUGH EVEN HARDER WHEN YOU IMMATURE PUNKS GET PISSED AND RILED UP!!!LOL! We are confident not cocky and each one of us as well as you have insecurities like all human beings. Just take the posts and read them, enjoy them and relax. Later You raver punks
  9. Do you think that carrying on personal, "on a tangent", based conversations is going to piss us off?? Evil Jav is one seriously cracked out kid!! Your deliverance of messages is ina class of its own. Watch this post float on top for a while...like all the others.... BRING IT!!
  10. I just love causing havoc. You guys are all falling into our little game and we are feeding off the attention making our heads bigger still. Stop responding if you are fed up. Stop walking around Tempts, Djais, Headliner searching for us like our girlfriends do when we leave them at home.
  11. Beware all Guidette Monsters!!!!

    fyi monsterguido is 6'5'' and weighs 260. Thise figures hav not been skewed. So now we unite ;;;Fleximus, Silverback, MonsterGuido46, and myself Cyphead. The numbers will grow for the CK1 Posse.
  12. Temps 2001 (the guido oddessy)

    I live in Morris County also. What town?? I admit that I have contradicted myself one time in my posts. I find it hard to keep in control when I write. Pretty soon I will fine tune my skills. I admit my mistake.