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  1. Ayne one do a sport or work out ?

    Eat low carbs (like oatmeal), try not to have any after around 3pm and take in alot of protein. I take my bodyweight in grams (if you weight 190lbs take 190grams per day), you'll shit your brains out at first but you will get used to it, and drink lots & lots of water if you take Andro (try geting an Andro-Stack w/100mg of Andro in it). Also try to get a trainer if your just starting, if you workout wrong or to much you'll just be waisting your time. Diet is the key though, if you don't eat right or enough you will not grow. ------------------ People hate me.
  2. jerking off on the dance floor

    I don't even like pissing in the urinal directly next to another guy....where the hell do these people come from that just yank it out at every opportunity...I mean, in a room of girls ok...but keep that shit out of my line of sight for the love of god. ------------------ People hate me.

    My god...a whole LICK of K?!? or a bump? You probably should have tried your first time without the tranquilizers boss...probably would have got a better feeling for what the hell was going on...anyway...I could never fuck on K...E yea...weed sometimes...K just makes me a zombie though...the last thing i want to do is move enough to even get comfortable let alone get up and go at it. ------------------ People hate me.
  4. Shave your pubes?

    well you start by looking down, and don't do this while "excited"...it doesn't work very well. But everything down there stretches and pulls plenty enough for you to manipulate around. Occasionally you will get a small scratch or nick here and there but it really doesn't hurt at all. I'd say definately do it though, I know alot of girls who will NOT go anywhere near a guy if he does not shave & trim that area....I can relate though...if a chick doesn't have the same courtesy nothings happening...I mean who knows what is hiding behind that hair...rashes/warts/open cuts....its just gross moreso than anything...YUK! ------------------ People hate me.
  5. All GEMINI'S must read this horoscope!!

    Maybe this horoscope means my move to florida won't suck & might actually be a good thing (at least for the winter anywayz). Well I hope its right. ------------------ People hate me.
  6. # of sex partners

    I never counted. ------------------ People hate me.
  7. live it....and tell me what u think

    I say fuckit...do it all now so you won't look back on life and regret not trying anything...Hopefully when I do settle down and get married I won't wonder about anything because i will have already done it. I'll also have loads of disgusting & crazy stories to tell my kids ------------------ People hate me.
  8. WHY???

    kookooo....your just a giant hormone aren't you?...not that there is any problem with that. ------------------ People hate me.
  9. 5 days left....

    I'm moving to Fla in 5 days (Ft Laud.)from NY, driving too (sucks)....god I hope it doesn't suck down there, I don't know a soul down there. ------------------ People hate me.
  10. Verago...Thursday (BABY), proper dress required...changing nights to Friday soon probably but no definate yet. Park Ave/Rockville Center. ------------------ People hate me.
  11. It definately is cheating, but goddamn I wish it weren't! Although if I was dating a girl and she blew some other guy...jesus...to me thats worse than her fucking him, I mean she doesn't even get anything out of it except pleasing some shithead, at least if she'd bang him she'd have a good time too. This is why I refuse to get into a relationship. ------------------ People hate me.
  12. Is there a crew of people from this that actually meet up? Seems like it....if so did you guys meet each other off this or have you known each other from somewhere else? I have no idea whats going on...and how the hell do you know who each other is if you met off this...so far I think I'm the only one with my pic on here....well...I dunno....just asking. ------------------ People hate me.
  13. chatroom??

    When I log in it says my account does not exist...what the hell is that all about... BTW - Looks like I'm NOT going out tonight, damnit....another night with Palmela Lee Handerson...unless one of you ladies are looking for meaningless filthy sex with a complete stranger...probably a long shot though, but it never hurt to try. ------------------ People hate me.
  14. dont mind this

    check. ------------------ People hate me.
  15. Amphora in Rockville Center (merrick rd. between Park & Ocean on South side), pretty cool place, Verago type of scene but bigger w/ a real dance floor...good looking crowd 21+ well dressed....definately worth a look considering most of L.I. sucks anyhow...best times are 11pm-3am..also make sure you check Thursdays at Verago...(right around the corner on Park) nights called "BABY"...very good shit....small place but fun w/good music. ------------------ People hate me.