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  1. Tiesto @ Pure this Saturday

    Is this a gay night? I know it is a gay night club, so what kind of crowd can one expect there on Saturday? Who's going?
  2. Pure is a gay night club, is it worth going there to see Tiesto for 25 bucks? /straight dude asking
  3. green euro dollars

    that was the best pill i ever had. no other can compare to it. at least that's how it was for me.
  4. this is an odd question but...

    i notice that i get really horny during the full moon, although i don't know anyone else who has the same reaction.
  5. i like your avatar trajik she is sexy as hell
  6. ~~~***bump This Up Every Time U Have Sex***~~~

    bj (she swallowed).... very nice.
  7. cheating or not?

    thx for the feedback
  8. cheating or not?

    i was at my gf's house the other day, fixing some things for her. someone called her and i heard a male voice. i know that she has male friends, and even though i dissaprove (i'm EXTREMELY jealous), i understand that she is just friends with them, and i don't really mind if she spends time with them while i'm not there. but this time it felt weird -- as soon as she knew who was on the phone, she ran into the other room. i was surprised by her reaction, so i followed her into the room. as soon as she saw me walk into the room, she quickly hung up. i asked her what's up? she said it was this guy who she met while we weren't together (we broke up for around 3 months then got back together) and that he's just calling to see if she wants to play cards on wednesday night (this was monday). apparently, she tells me that she's been seeing this guy every so often, apparently just to hang out. i was very upset, because usually she tells me if she's going to spend time with other guy friends, but this guy she kept in secret from me. what do you think about this? is she cheating on me or not?
  9. wow apples has too much time on his hands...

    (no witty comeback from me) you do the same, ghhhhhost ps. about the pic in your signature, which of the girls are you? the one with a mole? the fat one? or the one with bad makeup?
  10. wow apples has too much time on his hands...

    retarded? just look at the total nonsense that you post and then think of who's retarded. if you ask me - your posts are a waste, and aren't worth the space that they take up.
  11. why cant i see these pictures!!!?

    clean out your internet cache
  12. ~~~***bump This Up Every Time U Have Sex***~~~

    i got laid... yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some nice hardcore fucking - i ate her pussy out for an hour or so, then tossed her salad for another half an hour, after she came, she blew me for a while (a lot of ball licking, i looove that) then it was her turn to eat my ass. after that, it's time to fuck - i spread and fucked her like i haven't done in a while. bitch came another 2 times, and after that, i put it in her ass, but i only lasted there for a couple of minutes, couldn't control myself anymore. i came HARD inside of her ass, then pulled out and put my dick in her mouth so that she can clean me off and swallow it. god damn, that was some good fucking
  13. funny pic

    http://www.somethingawful.com/cliff/ihateyou/page-43.htm scroll all the way to the bottom
  14. i've been doing a lot of reading...

    just to clarify - i'm totaly pro-drugs anybody who thinks drugs don't harm you in any way, is obviously in denial. but like with everything in life, there is a trade-off - you put things in your body that perhaps shouldn't be there and will harm you in someway (some more, some less), but you know that beforehand and you also know that you'll feel good for a period of time. people that are willing to make that trade-off do drugs. the rest don't.