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  1. Hostile takeover?? Actually ,she apparently just sets herself up at the "good" bars and whines, b*tches, complains, etc. about not making enough money when the assigned bartender asks her to move.
  2. Yea, I know bartender who works there with her. Says she's a snob and often hijacks the main bars that bring in the $, so a lot of them don't like her.
  3. francine dee

    Oh yea, one of my fave chicks too. Only gripe (like many others) is that her tits are slightly unproportional to the rest of her frame (specially if you see them in person) along with the nipple misplacement. But no complaints from me, still smokin hot and banging
  4. Yup, $30 or $40 for last time. Only some of the summerstage events are free and this one is defintely not. Without a doubt one of the best parties last yr. Great weather, outdoors, lasers, good crowd, watching ppl climb the gates trying to sneak in.. only to get chased out by security. Defintely a nice change to the usual dark and stuffy clubs. Like someone mentioned already, the sound system could use some more juice this time around. Great way to kick off the summer. Maybe the organizers can get another top-notch DJ to close out this year too?
  5. stilletos strip club....

    Might be a bit far, but Montreal has some great strip & "extras" clubs, if you know where to go. They have some of the hottest girls and very cheap lap dances. Toronto offers almost the same, with a slightly higher price tag.
  6. pvd 11|14|03... recorded from roxy

    Would you mind sending it to me as well? SN: Eklipxe. -Thanks!
  7. pvd 11|14|03... recorded from roxy

    Can you transfer it to me via AIM or something instead? Thanks
  8. pvd 11|14|03... recorded from roxy

    I'm interested, mainly because I was there but had to leave about 2 hrs before he ended, so it'll be nice to hear what I missed.
  9. Ooohhh, Elisha ..... (fineones)

    Funny thing is she's going for a more sophisticated role this time around instead of the blonde bimbo airhead role she has been playing....
  10. Pvd @ Hammerstien

    Under the Part 2 tab in that same listing, it indicates that he'll be back in November at the Hammerstein after the record release event in October...
  11. Fuk U At&t!!!

    Depends on where you were... in most of the city as I was walking uptown, I was able to make some calls and even receive some. In Queens however, it was harder but I still managed to call out a few times in the LIC/Woodside area. T-Mobile went out immediately, Verizon was on and off..
  12. Hispanic Fantasy

    Viet... Leanna Scott I think she did some porn flick a while back she was trying to hide that eventually leaked out
  13. the matrix reloaded

    Don't know if anyone knew about this, but if you have patience and stay until after the credits roll, there's a trailer of Matrix Revolution........
  14. Tiestos full set from last night right here......

    Don't think the full set was recorded by anyone...... But there's suppose to be a DVD coming out for this event... http://www.omroep.nl/cgi-bin/streams?/nos/nieuws/2003/mei/video/110503/tiesto.rm That's a lil news clip of his opening...
  15. It use to so much better for cabbies. Nowadays, there are cabbies all over the place, some don't even speak decent English..But with all the new rules and regs, it definitely is a lot harder these days. As for the whole paying thing.. the city has no involvement in this. The cab owners are the ones who shell out for any extra perks to grab your attention.