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  1. ***READ THiS***

    :D then i have great eyes
  2. i am broken

    damn girl i cant believe you just said that you think you are broken are you feeling well LOL !! that guy must really work the it our of you. Is that the first?
  3. Sex In Your Bedroom?????

    i wouldnt get mad, i just think the bathroom would have been a better place for that. and that there are no juices left behind.
  4. A Question For The Sexboard Members!!!!!!!

    Yeah my boyfriend and i always fall to sleep that way. It's a very loving.
  5. Sexiest thing about a guy or girl?

    The first thing that turned me on about my man when i first saw him was his smile. and now the thing that turns me on about him is his muscular body(and still his smile) mmmmmmmm.... damn he looks good.
  6. Puerto Ricans in tha houuuuuse!!!

    yeah what part of pr did you go i want to go for the summer. let me know
  7. What Celebrity do you look like?

    it depends on my hair if it's curly or straight, and also the cloths
  8. What Celebrity do you look like?

    i get alot of different shit like ,dark angel, j-Lo.and alissa malano.
  9. My Nude Pics

    how old are you? and do you plan to become big and someday be a playboy bunny? nice work you look like you enjoy your job.
  10. Ok..here Is My Favorite Shakira Pic

    she is soo hot i would love to meet her:) do you think she goes both ways?
  11. Guys Will U Let Anyone Suck Ur Dick?

    yeah i wouldnt let just anyone go down there but come to think of it if i wouldnt let them go down why would i do anything at all with them?
  12. This Is What My Friend Got For Her Bday

    Gabo that was the best spanking of my life. the tingle after was amazing. thank you glow and gabo it was the best b-day in years.
  13. Will Ur Cum Eventually Taste Like Ur Partners??

    my friend just told me that if you eat pineapple your cum taste sweet. so guys start eating sweet shit cause you taste horrible
  14. good punishmet

    So i came up with this cute idea. if my man is bad he has to drop down and give me 50 licks and same goes for me i have to drop down and give him 50 wops it's great i love it when hes bad.
  15. 1st orgasm of the year

    the new year came in with alot of good sex so maybe this year will be full of good times and more good sex