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  1. does anybody have any info when the P.S. 1 party officially starts???? thanx guys!!!!!
  2. Who is the next JP/Boris?

    definitely santana and bailey.....their productions and live sets are great!!!!!
  3. anyone know of any audio engineering schools in florida???

    i appreciate ur honesty....thanx
  4. anyone know of any audio engineering schools in florida???

    i know of full sail and miami.....but thats honestly too far from where ill be living.......i appreciate the help.....thanks!!!! if u know of anything closer to west palm beach , let me know!!
  5. anyone know of any audio engineering schools in florida???

    what area is that located in?
  6. im from brooklyn, new york and i am moving to west palm beach in march of next year......does anyone know of any audio engineering/audio production schools around that area??? i have been searching but nothing really comes up besides schools in miami or orlando and thats too far!!! anyones help would be greatly appreciated...........thanks!!
  7. larry levan wasnt a great dj as far as mixing tracks well.....but he was one of the first to show emotion in every track he played and to have the ability to make a crowd actually cry from his amazing sets!!!!!! and everyone knows crowd control and communicating with ur crowd is the most important part of djing!!
  8. Peter on Long Island

    hes amazing!!!!!!!!! but hes not a long island Dj.......hes a new york city dj ......he has a huge gay following and personally i dont think he would go good in an LI spot
  9. VTone's B-Day @ Pacha, Fri 6/9

    yes sir!!!!!!!!!! good good good times!!!!!
  10. VTone's B-Day @ Pacha, Fri 6/9

    ohhhh and i love the flyer!!!!! it came out sick
  11. VTone's B-Day @ Pacha, Fri 6/9

    its gonna be a nice birthday celebration for my man Vtone!!!!!!!!!
  12. warehouse and nikki beach in NYC.....miami is taking over NYC!!!!!! damn!!
  13. I wish i could hear this song in a club again

    i hear it everytime i watch maestro
  14. Ultra Reviews!!!!!!!

    who killed it? why u home so early?
  15. dj cleveland would like to thank......

    props to cleveland........vapor is a nice spot.....ill def be there supporting him.....def. good to hear he's representing the basement again