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  1. Endocet...

    no not generic percs, if anything a version of vicodin but not. the 1st # indicates the goods, the 2nd # is either asprin or tylenol. endocet has some other stuff however included in that 1st# that makes it not quite as potent. either way, youd be better off swallowing it tahn tring to snot all that asprin to get a small amount o fgoods.
  2. Using objects as foreplay

    gummy bears..... YUMMY!
  3. i finally got some k this weekend

    just wanted to share, its been acouple of years. also was the 1st time i did it solo(well i did take a pill which is usually my favorite combo but that didnt do much since id been doing blow all night) gambled mangled and did awesome since i play on vibes and gut instinct. casinos are fun k'd up. (probably e'd up to. great time, wish itwas easier to come by
  4. ...is it more natural to be nice or to be mean?..

    easier and natural are 2 different things. i think both are based on the individual. Wheather it be nurture or nature, one of these makes you either mean or nice by default. I think how your raised has alot to do with it. Based on that, which ever you are more inclined towards will seem easier to you. But nice is really the way to go. being mean puts people on guard & agitates them. More bees with honey
  5. 8,000 Ketamine liqs seized in Taiwan

    Yeah, when I saw Evan post"8,000 liqs siezed" I was hoping he siezed them. Oh well, I guess Ill still hold out to meet a 4th year chem student who desperately wants to be cool & will do anything to be cool.
  6. time for a change...

    Whats nubian? Regards, Jumpin Jim Bronzel/B. Bryan Blair (The Killer Bees)
  7. keta-drops(calling evan)

    Yeah, i didnt have my glasses on so a closer look would have helped but that packaging unmistakable like a ferrari coming down the street. it def didnt say ketaset. im 99% on the drops thing. (will the real evan please stand up)
  8. keta-drops(calling evan)

    oh, i forgot to mention it looked like the same packaging as the yellow ketaset.
  9. keta-drops(calling evan)

    I had my dog @ the vet and saw a beautiful package that i think said "keta-drops" i was'nt alone at all in the room, so i couldnt investagate at all. Is this some form of the beloved yellow label?
  10. ibiza 411

    im planning my friends bachelor party for next spring/summer. i know very little about ibiza. any info is appreciated, hotels,on/off seasons, activities, clubs, preparations etc. thanks
  11. does anyone listen to Junior???

    yeah, i worshiped the guy back in the palladium/arena days. those days are what i guage all else by and consequently dont think to much of any place or dj. i havent heard him in a while but i have the feeling its kind of well, soft, girly, vocaly. im down in philly so tell me, how has the show been?
  12. Canned Air...

    shit aint air, & it aint good for you. dont do it!
  13. Whats the first thing

    sleep. sometimes smoke first
  14. hot 97 announcement

    F hot 97
  15. jersey sucks

    1st of all, some of the most beautiful people in the US come from Jersey, countless musicians actors, etc. NJ also has the highest population of people holding doctorate degrees and armpit? Huh, lets see, multi million $ homes 5 mins from NYC, strong sense of community, small town values in a metropolis that has just about anything you need. Oh yeah like someone said why are you even here if you hate it so much? Anyway we've got plenty of gooks round my way, but then again even though your eyes may be slanted you're probably more of a HICK!