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  1. Vegas Memorial Weekend

    Flying in from LA on 5/25 for 3 nights, anyone have any good guestlist to get on it's just me & my bestfriend, and I'll be up there again for 5/31-2 nights
  2. Happening in Vegas 8/6-8/8

    Thanks I might do that, I'll check with the other girls.
  3. Happening in Vegas 8/6-8/8

    Thanks, will check out Ice, I've been to Light, and didn't like it, same attitudes from Sunset Blvd
  4. I agree they are good, have had them at Vertigo's and also outside after a Laker game.
  5. Happening in Vegas 8/6-8/8

    Yes, please tell me what else is going on...Going up with a few girlfriends, and read the other threads - Yes we're from L.A. but not at all like the stuck up Tupperware that wears her Pradas and takes Louis along, but can't afford to buy her own drinks, no nothing like them.
  6. The Republic

    oh yeah...fully sleeved men...turnon:whip2:
  7. advice on where to go? visiting...

    No more enjoyable
  8. The Republic

    NO a cave...The Cave, it's in Highland Park...on some night most of the crowd is rockabilly...but most of the time mixed..go drinks
  9. The Republic

  10. The Republic

    okay, me lost..or I'm still feeling the drinks from The Cave last night...or might be the ones I had at Carmines:pint:
  11. The Republic

    Who's Shortcake?
  12. advice on where to go? visiting...

    That's too funny:woah2:
  13. The Republic

    Would love to be there, but have to go show support, to also Vertigo goer...at the Loews tonite
  14. The Republic

    I used to there Thursday & Saturdays...and then only Saturdays...but now maybe once a month
  15. THEEE NBA Action Party for $10! with LALate

    I'll be there tonite!!