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  1. [email protected] ICE or Deep Dish @ Jet????

    I live in D.C. so I see Deep Dish spin more than I see my own mother, as sad as that sounds. So if it was ME, i'd probably go to ICE. But DirtyMike where you from, NY? If so, then you probably have the opposite problem as me. In that case go see Deep Dish.
  2. Awww, another shitbag bum from New Jersey starting trouble. Hey if anyone has trouble finding this guy at THE WYNN, you can find him and his cousin right here on this link below:
  3. Away from the main crowd

    Since i'm going with x amount of dudes, and we wont be getting tables every night or paying x amount for line passes, can i get some feedback on some clubs to hit up on a Thurs, Fri, and Sunday that wont have a line longer than the state of Rhode Island but wont be empty either? Thanks people.
  4. June 1st -5th gonna be out there with a group of 10...wait for it...guys. (i know, i know). This obviously right away sounds like its going to be a nightmare when trying to go out at night because of the lack of breasts in the group. Anyways, the group consists of a mix of hip hop lovers and club/house music lovers. I need recommendations for those 4 nights. Original plan was Thurs/Tryst, Fri/Pure, Sat/Jet, Sun/Body English. But now im reading about how good OPM is. Hmmmm, anyone have any thoughts about that and which night would be best? Also can someone fill me in as to what the expected "table service" charge would be at these places as well as bottle mins with 10 cahhks in the group? I heard that Pure was $400 for the table charge!?!? Riiiiiiiight, see ya there. And one more question i swear...fill me in on afterhour spots. Im reading that Faarsheed plays over at empire? (is that right?) First off where is empire? Secondly, is Drais not so hot anymore? All in all we are just looking for a good time with a good crowd and some table service mixed in. Thanks for the help people. p.s. Bill, we'll be in touch for bottle service reservations.
  5. Sorry Twisted, but lose the "e" of Van Dyk. Let's not give Europeans more ammo for criticizing us.
  6. Is anyone really a fan of Sandra Collins anymore? I saw her in Chicago this summer perform the biggest train wreck EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
  7. Pure

    Solid. I was hoping for some pics that showed the layout of the club, but beautiful women is nothing to complain about.
  8. What's wrong with Studio 54?

    Congrats on getting the job. God Bless Drai's. Btw, my 2 cents on Studio 54. Every time i've been there I run into bachelorette parties galore, and a bunch of horny women from Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Iowa. I didnt even know women actually lived in these states so that can somewhat give you an idea on what they looked like. Tuesday nights are a better draw, but other than that unless you own a driver's license that allows you to operate a John Deere I'd stay away.
  9. Pure

    Someone have any pictures of the inside of this place? How is the music there and the VIP service? Holla
  10. The Return Of Pleaseuredome: @RA Weds Jan 19th

    Does this mean another PVD sighting at RA is in the near future??? Cuz that would be niiiiiiiiice.
  11. Setting the record straight for once and for all.

    Ha! Veteran INDEEEEED. Bill coming back to Vegas in May. DJMaster no worries its just a message board. My image of Vegas remains..."it is niiiice". P.S. Any Vegas local out there can help me with a question regarding hotels? Looking for a hotel ON THE STRIP (cross hard rock off the list) that offers an extremely large, dare i say PIMP, suite. I stayed at "The Hotel" last time and was happy with it, but I kind of want something bigger. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Setting the record straight for once and for all.

    Wicked. What happened to all the love in Vegas? This is wicked retarded.
  13. Looking for a recommendation

    Are you serious!?!?! This is such a waste of my fingers for typing this BS. I've been MIA from Club Planet for roughly 3 months now, but I recall way back in SEPTEMBER for christs sakes, "OutofBox" was giving Bill Le a hard time. Guy, how old are you 12? You have a dispute with everything Bill Le posts. What for??? Your accomplishing nothing. Go ahead, come back with some knucklehead post about whose *ss I can kiss, it really doenst matter to me. Your the worst. Get off the internet and go get laid ya bum.
  14. Glow Age Limits

    18+ hmmm Well If your going to change the age limit to enter your club why not do yourself a favor and lift the hat policy as well. I've seen very fashionable people get turned down at the door because they were wearing hats. I can understand a baseball hat, but there ARE other forms of hats that express fashion creativity and yet these types are disallowed at Fur/Glow. On the website it says "Forget New York, forget Miami. When you experience FUR you won’t even remember those places anymore." Well how are we supposed to experience FUR when we can't even get IN to Fur? This problem would never exist at places like New York and Miami. My 2 cents.