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  1. Where do y'all workout?

    still liftin' Ballys, sometimes at a private gym my sister works at
  2. How much for K?

    No shit, no more liqs. All I can get is a cough syrup bottle with some K poured in.
  3. interesting question

    just sniff anyway
  4. How much for K?

    K has been hard to come by here in Chicago. I used to get bottles from 40-75 a bottle. The only one I know of that has any picked it up from Mexico and sells it for 125 a bottle. Thats pretty fuckin high since I got it in Mexico for 25 a bottle a few weeks ago. How much do you pay and where? what brand?
  5. K capsules

    I get heavy visuals on K when I do a whole lot.
  6. tips for getting a few hits through us airports

    I just came back from Mexico with a little shampoo bottle full of K. (Of course this is only a fictional story for all you pigs out there). I crotched it and kept it on me the whole time. If I were to take a few hits, I would crotch those too. Don't put anything in your luggage because they might go through it. I brought G in a Pepsi bottle on a plane before and drank it on the flight, nobody checked the bottle.
  7. Anyone Ever SNort Drain-O

    I sniffed comet on accident thinking it was ttokkyo K. Burned like a son of a bitch.
  8. Alcohol

    I got drunk yesterday too!
  9. morning workouts

    That's funny
  10. what is the weirdest thing u smoked???

    I smoked pure DXM out of a foil bowl, tasted pretty nasty
  11. The highest youve ever been

    dunk joints, PCP. Nothing has gotten me higher. The best shit.
  12. Marijuana & Anxiety attacks?

    I get real paranoid when smoking pot, that is why I quit. I just hate it.
  13. morning workouts

    Best time to work out for fat burning. If I could get my lazy ass out of bed I'll do it.