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  1. Bachelor Party help???

    Just a taste? I was thinking more along the line of the whole trip. LOL Whats your Hookup? are you a Host?
  2. Bachelor Party help???

    actually, we want to get a suite if possible.
  3. Bachelor Party help???

    ohhhhhh Thats funny!!! Nothing better to do?
  4. Bachelor Party help???

    Two guys from NYC and two guys from Denver need everything from Accommodations all the way through Vip lists etc.... Coming out June 16th and staying three nights. All recommondations and hook-ups welcome. We are all about 30 yrs old, goodlooking with plenty of money to spend. So please let us know whats up for those dates, where should we stay? play? go out? Thanks in advance Email replies also welcome at [email protected]
  5. Direct from PVD ---> Thank you note

    Absolute professional!!!!! He gave us the wave at 6:15 pm from stage right before he started handing out napkins and then after throwing it down for 8 hours he signed a picture of him and my wife at 6am at Spirit. Total Class act!!!!!
  6. PVD at Spirit. WOW

    how many pills did it take for the music to sound good? hahaha __________________ Not a one!!! I have seen alot of DJ's all over the world and I am not a big fan of PVD (I'm a house fan) BUT!!!!!! PVD at Spirit on friday night was one of the best sets I have ever heard. That is is first time I have been to Spirit since it was Twilo and I was pleasantly suprised the whole staff was very nice and the vibe was very good. I usually see PVD five or six times a year ( because my wife is a big fan, obsessed actually!) and I admit I was ready to not like the music because the last few times I have seen him he has not been good, Roxy,RA in Vegas,Amnesia in Ibiza all not that great. I think that he has gone downhill for a while with his albums and label he got sidetracked and lost his edge.The last two times I have seen him at WMC ,and now Spirit he has gone back to the PVD I knew back when he was nothing and threw the beats down that just moves you. Trance music is not easy to spin thats why there is not many DJ's that can spin it correctly. My point is PVD friday night was awesome from 2am to 6 am I hardly knew what time it was and just danced my ass off and let the music move me it reminded me of Ibiza and Europe which EDM is the music of choice and people enjoy it for what it is and enjoy themselves not pose to be seen. Thanks. __________________
  7. Is Trance Dead???

    I think the reason that there is not more trance around is because is, it is much harder to spin a great, interesting trance set then house set. Most dj"s will attest to this even when PVD or Tiesto spin its a fifty fifty shot at being good the whole way through. but when it is good it is the the best music period. Anyone that thinks trance is dead should listen to PVD's Global dj Broadcast from this year WMC a couple of times.
  8. I would like to know if anybody has any info on this as well.
  9. Best Club Ever???

    Oh yeah almocst forgot: Hacienda, Manchester(where it really all started) Catacombs. Philly. thanks.
  10. Best Club Ever???

    I think that pretty much any club could be great on any given night, I have been to some pretty shitty clubs and had a great time. best clubs: International, gallery at turnmills, London Pacha Ibiza(simply the best run, best vibe club for 30 years now) space ibiza ( sundays are the club event I have ever been too!) Creamfields (liverpool, where it all started) any night thrown by: Dave and huey Garlands, goodgreef, or godskitchen New york: palladium twilo Miami: liquid old space berlin: Casino ( pvd's Vandit night in his hometown=Incredible)
  11. Best live sets uve DLed

    PVD @ energy 2003( imo best set ever) global dj broadcast 2004 amnesia ibiza closing party cafe mambo ibiza [email protected] global dj broadcast 2003 mysteryland [email protected] passion space terrace sasha [email protected] twilo ( afew of these floating around) there is not enoughlive recordings out there its mostly all I listen to i will post more as i think of them those are just the ones that spring to mind.
  12. It says march 27th on the Sub website to me that means sat morn, are we sure this is a sunday morning affair? thanks just confused.
  13. Planning a trip to Ibiza, need HELP!!!!

    Get a cheap BA (british airways) flight to gatwick and then fly one of the charter companies to Ibiza thay offer the flight and room in a deal, try to get a apartment in playa en bossa (hotel jabeque is very good) and your all set. oh yeah stay for atleast 10 days trust me on this one(allows for a cpl of recup days) like he said above rent a car.
  14. Body Nsoul Sunday

    is ther ever scalpers out front?
  15. Body Nsoul Sunday

    This event is sold out, what do you think the chances are at the door at 4 pm, or does anybody have a couple of tickets to sell for me and my wife?