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  1. What parties are you going to?

    The only ones I'm sure of at this point at Wet Grooves. The only artist I'd love to see live during WMC but won't be able to is BT. I'm actually really psyched that there will be food at the Wet Grooves BBQ. Might be the only time I actually consume food for the week...
  2. Wet Grooves Events - WMC Miami

    I've been to shows and parties all over the world....4 or the 5 hands down best parties of my life have been Wet Grooves events. If you haven't been there, you cannot even imagine.
  3. Alchemy Is Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

    PS KC 101 is gone? Boy they have been around since I was a lil chap...
  4. Alchemy Is Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

    I have been do about every decent club to great club in every major market in America. And have been to Alchemy. You guys are really, really lucky to have Alchemy which gives everyone in the area a chance to hear top DJs all the time. Every club has it's issues but if you don't like Alchemy there are plenty of other dance party nights you can go to in the area to dance to remixes and boy band music.
  5. Eddie Halliwell reviews....?

    Ironic..but a few after I originally posted my post in the thread, someone alerted me that Tiesto calls him his #1 favorite new DJ... Tiësto
  6. Does anyone really care about Bobbi Billard?

    Personally, I have a great and deep affinity for blondes with large bosoms... Very, very deep...
  7. Eddie Halliwell reviews....?

    I had never really heard of Eddie until I saw him at Wet Grooves at the Albion in Miami. This kid KILLED IT....honestly, the audience reacted as intensly as I've ever seen any audience act.... His style is a little harder than I typically would enjoy but man....he KILLED IT.... I'd see him anywhere, any time..
  8. Wet Grooves Las Vegas @ Hard Rock Pool!

    I am there.
  9. Wet Grooves Las Vegas @ Hard Rock Pool!

    I am there.
  10. Wet Grooves Las Vegas @ Hard Rock Pool!

    I am there.
  11. umm...hello....

    Think I have it going now. Had the "receive from admins" option off for some reason...
  12. umm...hello....

    I'm still trying to work my way up to glowstick status...
  13. It's all about the draw they are going to get, and how much money they will generate in attandance. The more pple they are going to draw, the more they are going ot be paid. It's that simple.
  14. umm...hello....

    I can see it now..."daVe and the clubplanet factory". All the oompa loompa would be wearing large baggy clothes, goggles and incorporating glowsticks into thier mini-dance routines.... Yes, Sagittaruis = awesome Will tell him lola!
  15. umm...hello....

    Ummm.... Hi, I work at Clubplanet. I don't post much but always check out what you guys have to say. Thanks for posting and we hope you all continue to enjoy! Oh and hi Lola. I see you've got it held down pretty tight around here. Never really got a chance to say hello but I suppose this is appropriate