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  1. Places to live advice?

    If you are looking for a condo/townhome and in that price range...Summerlin is a great place. You wont get a standalone home for that price usually...but the area is Northwest and is very quiet and typically has the best "fit and finish" in the valley. I have lived Southwest and East and its by far the best move I have ever made.... CHRIS
  2. Nip/Tuck Party?

    Question for anyone who knows..... Whats the deal with the party? Is it gonna be a preview for the season finale which is the week after the party? Are cast members going to be there? ust trying to find out info on WHAT is happening that night. I love the show and would like to go if it will be interesting! CHRIS
  3. Tao this Saturday....

    Hey guys.... Just wondering who the best person to talk to is as far as getting into Tao this weekend. Havent been and I want to check it out and I am thinking this Saturday. I'm not looking for a VIP thing or anything but is there anyone who can help me and one other person get in? I am a Vegas local trying to see some of the newer places and Tao sounds cool. Let me know when you can ThankS CHRIS
  4. Clubs with most attractive people

    Body English I have heard is RIGHT up there. CHRIS
  5. Las Vegas Sucks

    Harlem World Sucks.......MA$E.... You are CHRIS
  6. rim-jobs

    Now that's ONE thing I dont wanna do....I'd stick my tongue ANYWHERE else except there......I dont get it. CHRIS
  7. Hard ROck...

    I think they made it a small place so that it would always look busy......which it actually IS alot of the time....but it's not like they have big casino/hotel square footage. I have been trying to get in touch with Bill Le so we can go to Body English and get on the list. Hopefully he will be able to do something this upcoming weekend. I hear the place it OFF THE HOOK! CHRIS
  8. Hard ROck...

    The music or the hotel? CHRIS
  9. The Velvet Lounge

    That's cool that they are putting something in place of it. I hadnt heard what if anything was being done. The restaurant inside was cool too. CHRIS
  10. The Velvet Lounge

    Does anyone here miss Jack's Velvet Lounge at The Ventian? I guess, does anyone remember it? When I used to be on the scene ALLT THE TIME....I always thought that the Velvet Lounge was the nice escape from alot of the other joints around town. Great view, great furniture, great vibe, great resort to be at. Don' know what it was but I always thought it was cool cause alot of people seemed to not know about it or at least not go. Kind of chill. Drinks weren't discounted for sure but I never payed a door fee. Anyone else want to help me reminisce? CHRIS
  11. Plush Lounge.....

    Mini-review: Well, I went to Plush Lounge this weekend...Saturday night. I decided to go because I live literally two minutes from it on the TPC Canyons golf course.....and surprisingly I had never been there. I even decided to walk down cause it took 2 minutes and I figured I can have quite a few drinks and not have to drive . Anyway, I had signed up earlier on the Club Planet guest list and so I got in free. The guy at the door didn't seem to have the "Club Planet" guest list but since they werent TOO busy he let me in without charge. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed and as far as a crowd, it wasnt TOO packed but as it got later like after midnight, people started to show up in medium groups. Much better like that than the last place I went, Light @ Bellagio, there wasnt a free square foot of space. It was TOO busy there IMO. Drinks were reasonably priced, nice bartenders, decent looking girls, and being that close to home makes it a place I would go again. Not having to wait in line and complimentary admission makes the night start off right if you know what I mean. I have heard that the place is supposedly busier other night of the week but it was kind of a last minute decision and I figured how can you go wrong with a Saturday night?.? I'm going out again this next weekend.....we shall see where THAT takes me. CHRIS
  12. Saturday Nights?

    O.K. This is my first thread here....and I'm sure it's been asked a million times but what place do you guys think is best for Saturday nights? I only heard about Body English very recently but everything I have heard has been good. ANy thoughts? CHRIS
  13. It's Snowing!!

    Here's another.....Weather is crap tonight.....I WANTED to go out tonight but now I am thinking tomarrow would be WAY better!
  14. It's Snowing!!

    I am at work right now....but here's home.....Summerlin. Oh..my first post too!!!! Anyone wanna party this weekend? CHRIS