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  1. Attn: Kaydup

    sid you better be white
  2. Attn: Crobar Personel

  3. Slouch Mix

    gonna burn this and listen to it on my discman when I blast my hamstrings tonight
  4. Flu Shots

    I LOVE shots <3 <3 <3
  5. Attn: Vyto

    your blonde jerry curls suck kid
  6. Tonight, 9pm Jillians....

  7. attn: brandie

    Hey bro
  8. Happy Friday

  9. FSNs unite here

    I think I could kill you. Get the hell out of my office.
  10. Work friday

    sounds more like a but-train
  11. Attn: Kaydup

  12. attn theplant

    I dont have any fake names Stymie!
  13. Attn: Kaydup

    Shutup Jewbacca!
  14. Attn: Kaydup

    fucking jew bitch
  15. Attn: Kaydup

    omg.. a fat guido.. ha ha ha Die.