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  1. David Guetta will be at Cameo during WMC 2008 on Saturday, March 25th!
  2. Whats the Crobar lineup?

  3. Space Flyer/Official Party List

    Yeah, why isn't Meganite on Tuesday night like it was last year? Are they going to put picotto and beyer on the terrace? hmmm....
  4. all WMC event in calendar format

    Even though I know what I'm doing each night...its still nice to have it in this format..thanks!
  5. Porterhouse Wmc @ Suite 3/22!

    Can't wait!!!
  6. Space will have a link on their website in the next couple weeks...both for individual tickets or for the space pass (assuming that they'll have it again this year). Also, crobar usually sells on wantickets website...
  7. Deep Dish? Hernan Cattaneo?

    Deep Dish has spun at Space on that Saturday after Ultra for the past 4 years, i think. So i'm sure it'll be the same for this year...
  8. My favorite show from last year...I'm assuming PVD will be inside again...wonder if Ferry is going to be there too? Can't wait!
  9. Love&Freaks @ Spybar - Feb 10, 2006

  10. Just saw on his website that he is going to be spinning at Space on Wednesday March 22nd!
  11. What days is everyone going down?

  12. All the official dates!

    My girls and I are going down the 21st/22nd-28th...can't wait!
  13. Armin van Buuren @ Crobar, Fri 9/30

    i think its $40 at the door...but i am sure the price will raise by time...and line!