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    I'm a pirate. What more needs ya to know?
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    The high seas, scallywag.
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    Plunderin', ravishin' wenches, treasure huntin', and drinkin' till the mermaids come home.
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    I'm a pirate, ye lame ass.
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    Th' sea be me mistress. So be me mistress. Arrrr.
  1. I'll have the...

    May a shark chew off your legs and spit them out due to its distaste for Greek foods. I would say he should chomp off your pecker too, but your last girlfriend told me you didn't have anything down there to speak of.* Arrrrrr! (*which is obviously why you would search for, save, and repost pics like the one above, because of your lust for what you're missing) Bitch!
  2. .....................

  3. Nurse, the Time of Death for Miami is 11:30am

    Kyojin Japanese Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale for all you can eat sushi. That's my addiction. My poison.
  4. Nurse, the Time of Death for Miami is 11:30am

    Yarrrr, she sounds like my kind of wench!
  5. I'm debating

    Where's Waldo? I mean, DG? Bring back the king.
  6. Nurse, the Time of Death for Miami is 11:30am

    Bling, you need to introduce me to your sister. P.S. Arrrrrr!
  7. I'm a newbie

  8. stevey the m

  9. TooSpoiled in da house!

  10. Welcome me bitches

  11. decent costume parties????

    Ahoy swabbie! Here I be!
  12. Hi

    Yarrrrrrr, reckon I be hearin' a matey say "FSN"?
  13. My Giant Dick

    Shiver me timbers...me wishin' I 'ad one fourth of that lad's troubles. Oy, did I just say th' aloud? arrrrr
  14. ..Pirates....

    Yarrrrr, I be lookin' forward t' this film meself. Me canna waits t' see its.