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    I love cookies!
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    Sesame Street
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    I eat cookies!
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    I will work for cookies.
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    It's spilled milk
  1. Happy Birthday Cookie!!!

    Happy birthday Cookie! x 10,000
  2. Happy Birthday Cookie!!!

    Happy birthday, sugary chewy yummy Cookie!
  3. Face Sitting Video

  4. get in ur votes!!!!!!!!!!!

    I voted for Toni. Do I get a cookie?
  5. The Lunch Thread

    For lunch I eat cookies. For dessert I eat cookie dough. Yum yum.
  6. @ Aria Giovanni

    Did sumbuddy thay dey needed Viagra?
  7. Sullivan room pics

    Dey say dat thin is in but fat is where its at. Fatness is goooood, it keep you warm in cold weather.
  8. Sullivan room pics

    Id dat you? Yew got big coookies, but dey look yum yum!
  9. What are the reputation points all about?

    I know it does. You mailed me a cookie dipped in your honey. Dats' why I loooooove yooooooou! Coooooookie!
  10. What are the reputation points all about?

    Thread Date Comment What are the reputation... 01-12-2005 01:22 PM you wanna dip your cookie into my cookie? i must warn you it taste & smells like sour milk though <3 chrissy Hahahahahaha!
  11. What are the reputation points all about?

    What are the reputation... 01-11-2005 01:38 PM well we wont have a choice as to where we go.... i guess they go every year. they rent busses and everyone gets wasted. then they give out throphys to the people who dont break their legs n' stuff. sounds pretty neat. What are the reputation... 01-11-2005 01:35 PM 1/22/05 - DJ Deka & DJ Massi - 1/29/05 - DJ Joe Bermudez & DJ Massi - 2/5/05 - DJ Skribble - 2/19/05 - Louie Devito (opening set by DJ Massi) Whoa, what kind of reps are them? Weird.
  12. The Lunch Thread

    And coooookies! Yum yum!
  13. **attn~~cookie**

    No, no redik fat and stuff, cookies not make me fat. Me redik hairy and my voice is redik sexy, and I'm redik good and plenty in bed. Id dat da kind of monster you like?
  14. **attn~~cookie**

    Dis not about cookies? I love cookies.