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  1. Studio 9 CLOSED FOR GOOD????

    Jason: I just came from the Cosco. I bought 12 boxes of tissues. I will send them to you... Do you really think your going to get paid now with the little tantrum you just made. You must be hangin with THEHYPE on the unemployment line since THE MIRAGE bagged you. I will send him a box of tissues too.
  2. Studio 4

    I am sure by now THEHYPE unemployment checks have run out.... Hey maybe he can do a little tap dance number in NYC and shake a can for some money to pay his bills... The holiday season is approaching...
  3. Studio4

    KostaP, I don't work for S9 and if you see from my past boards I like S4. Glad to hear u r still open. Relax......
  4. Studio4

    R they still open? Haven't heard nothing bout them in a while so I thought they closed. why so quite s4
  5. Denny tsettos Reviews

    Almost didn't get in...da place was packed! Denny was great and the sound system and is much better. The new Lavender lounge and the Champagne bedroom were sweet.
  6. Well, what you suggest?
  7. Denny Tsettos New Residency

    I don't know how old Candygirllover is but she's funny. Why don't you take your Grease album and put it on a CD you losers.
  8. Tsettos or Peters???

    Hey take it easy you little cocktail winnie...."come out come out where ever you are..." Sound familiar?.....hahaha
  9. Tsettos or Peters???

    Bottom line....both JP and DT are hot. Why pick on Candygirllover...it's a great get by S-9 to get DT... what is your problem...didn't get a "happy ending" for a Happy New Years... I would go to hear both...
  10. Awesome get for s-9....love DT...can't wait
  11. New Years Eve At Studio 9 !!!!!!!

    Place was packed...They had huge screen TV's to watch the ball drop this year. Open bar + Hot Music = Great Time!
  12. Hopefully no 1 will od this weekend & the cops won't shut them down....but JO is great
  13. Studio 4 Friday Anyone???

    i thought s-4 closed cause i haven't heard much bout it.... guess not
  14. Studio 9 Halloween all weekend long..??!!

    Hype, you should go....you will probably win the costume party just be'in your good old "happy" self.... Heard the place looks real sick too.....will be there one night this weekend....