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  1. Lost Ipod @ Pacha, Howells

    Um. I found a Sony Walkman on the floor when I was at Howells .. It has a tape inside with Frank Sinatra tunes on it .. Please msg me if it's yours ..
  2. Two Thumbs Down for Danny T.

    Two thumbs down to Popeye's- dem fried chickens arent as crispy as they were two weeks ago. I'm mad. If you are too, post post post .. Grumph.
  3. Trentmoeller @ Cielo last nite

    Check out his Essential Mix: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H3MQ0PKE Trentemoller 'Small Piano Piece' (White Label) Khan 'Fantomes' (Matador) Trentemoller 'The Very Last Resort' (Poker Flat) Trentemoller 'Miss You' (Poker Flat) Lhasa de Sela 'De Carla A Pered' (Les Disques Audiogrammes) Murcof 'Una' (Leaf) Trentemoller 'Snowflake' (Poker Flat) Unknown Artist 'Unknown Dub' (White Label) Trentemoller 'Evil Dub' (Poker Flat) The Specials 'Ghost Town' (EMI Gold) Chris Isak 'Wicked Games (Trentemoller’s Unofficial Remake)' (White Label) Trentemoller 'Nightwalker' (Poker Flat) Trentemoller feat. Ane Trolle 'Moan (Trentemoller Remix)' (Poker Flat) The Doors 'Break On Through (Disse Bootleg)' (White Label) Franz Ferdinand 'The Fallen (Justice Remix) (Domino) Le Tigre 'Nanny Nanny Boo Boo (Junior Senior Remix)' (Chicks On Speed Records) James White and the Blacks 'Contort Yourself' (ZE Records) Revl9n 'Someone Like You' (Because Music) Thomas Schumacher 'High On You' (Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten) Moby 'Go! (Trentemoller remix)' (Mute) The Knife 'Silent Shout (Trente Short Edit) (Mute) Jokke 'Feelin’ Good (Trentemoller Remix)' (White Label) Isolee 'Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Fve Remix/Trente Edit/Original Version) (Classic) Trentemoller 'Always Something Better feat. Richard Davis (Trentemoller Remix)' (Poker Flat) The Knife 'We Share Our Mother's Health' (Trentemoller Remix) (Mute)
  4. Boston Breaks present Meat Katie 10/25!

    Meat katie is the man .. where is it being held? There is no address given and, gulp, I've never heard of the club ... sorry
  5. carl cox and dt at pacha...eh

    Um. Doesnt the geezer asian dude have a "Spirit" band? I remember a different uncle geezer- he would look at you, then snap his neck sideways as if he was miffed .. funny shit .. once you got used to it .. ha ha
  6. Respect. It's all about the music. Phuck these posers, losers, for whom its a flesh market. So what if someone wants to enjoy music as they get older? I've been clubing now for 15 years- I've been to places, heard so many DJs, experienced so much. Posers are just that posers. Hell, if it was in vogue to hang out at Dunkin Donuts listening to Muzak, they'd be there too.