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  1. Junior Vasquez

    wow, this donaldm is definitely the troll of the year. Why don't mods cut his account? He just makes no sense, brings no information ever, basically only posts in a single thread. He simply pollutes the board.
  2. Jerome Must Go!!!!!!!!AND HE IS NOW FIRED!!!!!!

    So JR should quit his own label to gain his freedom.
  3. Jerome Must Go!!!!!!!!AND HE IS NOW FIRED!!!!!!

    It's the effect of a change in management (exciting party/concept/place/you-name-it) that will move people, not the mere fact that the management changed.
  4. Junior Vasquez

    It's not just management. Junior himself burned too many bridges. Karma.
  5. Junior Vasquez

    At this point, the rule for most people is 'save money, time, and energy and avoid any JVM event'. It was fun when it lasted, but it's done and over with. Everyone moved on I'm afraid. And now the fake Pacha ad, lying about Vernessa, the retarded non-existent website, and DJ Jerome Farley??? Stupidity that leaves you speechless!
  6. Oh, yes! Please keep us posted. I missed the last few parties, but I will definitely try my best to check this one. Nothings compares to B&S, even after all those years.
  7. Junior Vasquez

    Wow, I finally know what a web business model on crack looks like now. WTF?!
  8. jr arena pride gig

    The parade starts at noon, I can't see how they would decide that their party is more important than the parade and keep it going, it would be a little ... distasteful? But who knows.
  9. Sounds like an interesting party, best party name in a while that's for sure.
  10. SASHA at LOVE this sunday!

    I don't think so.
  11. Does Webster Hall suck?

    Don't waste your time, Webster Hall's a nightmare. The only time it could be interesting is for a party totally off-hours, anytime no clueless moron would think to go (i.e. Friday and Saturday night). Not worth a penny.
  12. Jr Vasquez had a stroke??

    There's something I don't get computerjockey, you were in NYC for so long, how come you waited for your last week to check out other parties than the whole 'fashionistas' scene ?
  13. Jr Vasquez had a stroke??

    I'm not upset. I'm just stunned by so much stupidity, all in one person. I mean, I'm really wondering if you're mentally retarded right now...it's that bad.