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  1. Making my return to vegas this weekend

    i love vegas...cant wait to go back in august doubt i could ever live there though
  2. Making my return to vegas this weekend

    wow!! this board is really jumping!!
  3. yessss!! staying at the wynn, will there be any younger tail running around that pool or should i check out ditch at the palms friday and wet republic sunday? AND THEN REHAB SUNDAYS??
  4. Rehab closing party

    thanks for the info bro-- i have been to rehab both mem day and a regualr weekend, they were both totally different, still not sure which i liked better though
  5. Rehab closing party

    How does this party compare with memorial day? is is a big deal? i was out for mem day and was thinking about going back for the closing party.... someoen mentioned it was the 30th of Sept, is there a link anywhere?
  6. Tao Beach

    aight i def will--not sure when, but im gonna head out there before sept is over and wanna check out tao beach....i was just too shot during mem day to make it there that saturday
  7. Tao Beach

    are there any advantages to staying in at the venetian? are u allowed in if ur not? cover? i like the venetian and always wanted to stay there--maybe now i will
  8. September in Vegas

    yeah whens the rehab closing party--maybe ill head out there for that??
  9. September in Vegas

    yeah any word on the weather and the clubs at this time--i was thinking of goign back for the rehab closing party--and was gonna hold off on summer and wait for sept so i can gamble on football
  10. MDW Reviews?

    so tao beach is on top of tao? is this also an addition to the reg pool at the venetian? do you have to pay to go there? what about if you are staying at the venetian? i never made it there MDW, but would like to go there next time im out there
  11. MDW Reviews?

    i had more fun on a reg weekend, i was surprised they played all that hip hop
  12. dress code???

    i look damn good in a diesel t shirt
  13. Morillo @ TAO

    no doubt--im staying with all gurls so that shouldnt be a problem lasy year in may we had a table of like 10 guys or so....money talks i guess lol.... and i was asking about advanced cuz i coulda swore last year either for mem or labor day i saw advanced for this event
  14. Morillo @ TAO

    how come no advanced tixx are up?
  15. how is moon?

    what night u planning on going ova thurr lou?