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  1. September in Vegas

    It will likely be mid-month, as we're going to be in San Fran for Sept 29th. It will be a small group of 3 gals and possibly 1 guy, all single and between the ages of 25-29. When is Rehab open until?
  2. September in Vegas

    Me and my girl friend haven't set exact travel dates yet, but we're contemplating early or mid month. Any kinds of info or suggestions of what's hot or goin on in Sept would be much appreciated. Also I'd love to hear your restaurant, shopping, hotel and casino recommendations as well. Have at 'er.
  3. Hello

    Nice name.. (fyi, my name's Angel as well)
  4. Random Thoughts #3

    going on a road trip to Cali in mid-May.
  5. piercing in Vegas

    ^ Thanks. Yeah, so we've decided to stay a night in Vancouver instead heading home right away and I know a really good piercer there so we're gonna go see him.
  6. VIP Services

    Hmm... I think I want a VIP/host for when me and my girls go to Vegas next month. Any suggestions?
  7. piercing in Vegas

    Hmm.. I wonder if the girls would be down to get matching tattys then. We were actually planning on taking a look-see at H&H. Any idea what prices are there? I can honestly say that I would not regret getting my hood pierced, I've been wanting it done for years.
  8. piercing in Vegas

    ^ Already have my nose done, and we all want to get the same thing. But it all weighs on how much money we have left at the end of our trip. lol. So chances are we may not even be able to afford to do it.
  9. piercing in Vegas

    Well.. none of us have been to Vegas before, so it's def not a whatever trip. We're wanting to make it as wicked and as memorable as possible.
  10. piercing in Vegas

    ^ hahaha.. Well, I am going on vacation with 2 rather sexy ladies. *purrr* Maybe we'll just get tattys done instead.
  11. piercing in Vegas

    That's why it will be at the end of our vacation. lol
  12. Rehab cabanas

    *takes notes* I'll be hittin you up before my trip then.
  13. hello!

    hahaha.. oh oh. *hides*
  14. April 25th-30th

    Nice. Lookin forward to it. Will we need any special passes or what not?
  15. piercing in Vegas

    Me and 2 of my girl friends are gonna be in LV near the end of April, and we're all considering getting the same piercing before we leave. The piercings we're going for are of a very delicate nature, so the shop has to be VERY reputable and VERY clean. Any recommendations of good piercing shops? Any that we should really avoid? Any and all advise welcome, thanks!