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  1. Link....Exacta live at pacha......

    props to those guys for putting this up for d/l, but that guy has the most fuckin annoying voice i've ever heard in my life....!!!!
  2. Any exacta reviews??!!

    haha nice... just sayin tho, what happens if they aren't packin in the dance floor... place would be a lot emptier, which would be good for u and everyone else enjoyin the music but bad for exacta/pacha, from a business sense. that bein said... my boy's been preachin exacta to me for a while, d/l'ed that set and i'm ready to hit that up next month
  3. 21+ after 4am???

    bella, I think you mean MOST, not some. If the posters above are describing themselves accurately they are exceptions to the rule. Sorry, but it's a fact.
  4. The sound was amazing.. I'm not an audiophile, just your avg clubber and it was just as good as it was at any of the big clubs out there. I gotta give props to Steve Porter too... he killed it. I had to go in REALLY early with some friends who came into town early and didn't want to hang out in the rain, and he was dropping a headline caliber set. Good stuff.
  5. Pacha Bartenders......

    I've never heard of mixed drinks in the big clubs for less than 10-12. 12 sounds about rite for pacha... let this be a lesson for you to PREGAME... !
  6. What it means to be Silverbull

    I was being sarcastic... i'm def not whoever that is, lol... read my post history, i ain't a troll
  7. What it means to be Silverbull

    that was deep
  8. starving at clubs

    our conversation on shitting in the club was mentioned in the latest CP article http://www.clubplanet.com/news/archive/wasted_words.asp
  9. Another Trance booking at Pacha.....??

    I'm alllll over that
  10. starving at clubs

    nice to know there's a word for it... yeah i've experienced that many a time... never brave enough to shit in a club bathroom tho so i hold it in and it usually goes away... gotta make sure i stop dancin for like 10 minutes so i don't shit my pants wihle dancin, lol
  11. starving at clubs

    I always have a big dinner before a long nite out
  12. Mets & Cards Game 7...

    http://www.forbes.com/lists/2006/33/Revenues_1.html wrong
  13. How long will Crobar be open for AVB???

    soooooooooooo many undercovers..... so blatanly obvious too LOL