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  1. Scents....

    chanel-chance versace-glam i just got them very yummy for the summer
  2. Shopping for a bathing suit

    these sites are great but i dont have a credit card so i dont shop on line...call me old fashioned lol any good stores in manhattan/?
  3. I have checked out Macys and Bloomingdales and there is not much of a selection. I am also not crazy about the suits at Old Navy and H&M. I am looking to pay anywhere from $30-80...any suggestions? and oh yeah i want something sexy
  4. must haves...

    1.heels 2.mini mini skirt 3.eyeliner 4.a song in my head
  5. Cellulite Question

    hey whats a quinceanera ??
  6. Teeth Whitening

    o boy how many sessions do you have to go to , is there an average? what is the method that costs $200-someone mentioned this earlier but theres no clues on what this is...
  7. Teeth Whitening

    theres some method that denists use its called brite white or brite smile-ive read about it on craigs list-people claim that it works--how much does it cost?
  8. Cellulite Question

    I just posted a detailed topic about cellulite under the HEALTH forum-anyway does anyone know what works to reduce or get rid of cellulite? Please help
  9. CELLULITE - its a monster

    Hi Everyone-I needed to turn to someone for advice so i figure i get a clubplanet account and post a topic about cellulite. I went from a size 8 to a size 4 and I still have the same old cellulite. I have worked out a bit and gained muscles in my legs, but it seems that the cellulite doesnt want to go away. It has decreased somewhat but I want to be ready for the beach, if you know what I mean I was just wondering if anyone knows any good tips and advice on how to treat it, or conceal it? lol Here are some of my experiences and things that I have heard so far and maybe it will help some people. Please share your thoughs and new ideas I really need help!!!! 1. The anti-cellulite mousse from the Healing Garden(Available at Duane Reade) doesn't do shit. tHE product itself is a very good marketing trick. when the mousee comes out its all bubbly and makes these little explosive sounds-makes you think that its really going to work. For me it has not and I threw it away 2.L'Oreal Sublime Slim- I just started using about four days ago. I think it will work-it was the bestseller in Europe:) 3.This is a home made remedy that is guaranteed to work but I haven't tried it yet but will very soon- mix red chilli pepper powder with baby oil and rub it into your thigs ...then wrap your thighs with the plastic foil (used for covering foods), do a workout and make sure that you sweat a lot. A friend told me that she did this for a month and the cellulite disappeared 100%...Did anyone try this? 4.Preparation-H works to get rid of cellulite temporarily-I read this in some magazine and tried it twice but I couldnt continue because the smell of that cream is awwwwwwful That's all I know of so far---if anyone has any other remedies or recommendations on creams that work please share it...I will be very grateful