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    Im 5ft 11in 260lbs light brown hair blue eyes. Currently a student tryin to finish school lol
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    Ocean County, NJ
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    Cars, Racin at the track and on the street, goin to the clubs in jersey, philly & NYC, playin beach volleyball
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  1. Astros 87-73 Phillies 86-74 1out Well for all of you that still donot think the phillies will not pass the astros to win the wild card well we will win 2 more to prove the entire sports world wrong. Nobody on any sports program anywhere has given the fightin phils a chance well guess what, were doin it!!! GOOD LUCK PHILLIES!
  2. WRX vs RSX vs Cobalt vs Ion vs SRT-4

    hmmmmm... 1st I'll start with I never liked Car and Driver... Motortrend compared the Cobalt SS and Srt4 back in june and they found that both cars did a 14.4 at 99mph 1/4 mile and they stated that the cobalt had a good advantage in the turns do to a better suspension. Anyways I could have not read the article to tell you that the 2 rice patty derived cars would win. C&D is anti american when it comes to car, to them America can do no right.
  3. What is your favorite Club/lounge

    Abyss, because its the only club Ive been to in the past year on a regular basis. lol
  4. October 20. 2005 - Club Abyss!!!

    Anybody know when they will be done with the rennovations at abyss? I went last saturday it was kinda gay, I bet it will be better when they are done.
  5. what's hot, and what's not

    That scale makes some sense, there are several low price, economical on fuel cars at the top of that list. With that said Kia and Suzuki's are junk. Car and Driver did a road test of the Verona and it was the 1st car in there history of new car road tests that actually stalled on them idling. In regards to GM our planets largest automaker Its obvious that the Pontiac brand is still there best seller in the young driver's market. My beloved Oldsmobile is at the bottom.
  6. No Vacancies in Seaside!

    Wait till next weekend... j/k
  7. Terrell Owens to be a Raider???

    Two money hungry A$$holes, Im an eagles fan and I hope he goes. Im gonna love sitting back and watch the $hit unfold and laugh as the raiders have one of there 8-8 seasons. It would ruin both there careers, because theres no way that ball would get spread out even enough.
  8. suggestions...

    You can find very decent 97-01 grand prix's in that price range. The 3800 V6 gets good gas mileage if driven normally. Other possibilites could be chevy malibu, olds alero or grand prix. Those can either have a high revving 4cyl or 3100/3400 V6.
  9. Synthetic

    Id look into the Castrol Sytec-blend, its a tri-blend of motor oils. Full synthetic could be dangerous if you decide to switch back to regular motor oil, cause leaks etc...
  10. I hear that, its not even worth gettin ppl together in advance because they all always seem to backout at the last second and it ends up being another usual night on the boardwalk.
  11. Ferrari to release new $1.8 million Super Enzo

    800hp 6.0L V12 Nice car!

    Yea Bamboo and XS are you best bets to get your friend in. Seaside has got cops within arm's distance of each other, they will be all over the fake id thing fast.
  13. Picked Up My New Car Today!!!

    Sweet ride man, good luck with it
  14. cleanest beach in nj...

    For easy access and cleaniness Manasquan is your best bet. Great beach and I believe its cheaper then point pleasant beach.
  15. Djais closed!!!????

    This one is fishy too... As a result of the shut down D'Jais will be closed for 90 days starting Friday until an appeals board can hear the case sometime in mid July. Thats definitely alot less then 90 days. Good story, maybe somebody from belmar will see it and realize how ridiculous they are.