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  1. Memorial Day Weekend Plans

    it's probably empty cause there not really promoting it, right? Im hopeing it's good for memorial weekend.
  2. 2 other pool parties for memorial d weekend

    But is it still @ Mandalay bay? Also what the info on getting tickets. Anywhere to pay for advance?
  3. 2 other pool parties for memorial d weekend

    Any more info on the Moorea party @ madalay bay? Have a few friends going to vegas early and they want to know if they can buy tickets now.
  4. 2 other pool parties for memorial d weekend

    Oh I just received an email with more details. From 12-10pm. Damn a whole day to party. Will anyone still have the energy to hit up a club afterwards? and if so what club? I can't decide if I should buy the tickets online now or pay at door.
  5. 2 other pool parties for memorial d weekend

    Question about the Pool party @ nirvana. How are these pool partyies in LV? In San Diego everyone just stands around. Will people be dancing, hangin out in the pool? And is it during the afternoon?
  6. Memorial Day Weekend Plans

    Definetly will.
  7. Memorial Day Weekend Plans

    So what's everyones plans for this weekend. Yes it's a bit soon. But I would like to know what everyone will be doing. I will be in L.A that friday and possibly saturday night. Im thinking of The Standard again on friday cause a friend of mine wants to go badly. Maybe I can convince him of something different. Anything special happening that saturday? We will definetly be in vegas for sunday night. I want to check out Wynn. I think theres a Rubber party @ the palms. But I can attend a Rubber party anytime, right?
  8. (((BASQUE))) hot new nightclub opening this Month!!!

    what ever happend to deep anyways? Were people not going anymore?
  9. Which venue is the best in L.A?

    I just want to say that The Standard was lots of fun friday night. The crowd seems a little different then how it used to be but there was still a good vibe. Lots of people upstairs and downstairs. I would still recomend the standard on friday nights.
  10. Forty Deuce

    ive recently seen a few episodes of the show, yes it's also a show. I thought it moved to Vegas? Unless it's in vegas and l.a.
  11. Closing Time...

    This is a good question. I think most will agree that 2am is early. Even changing the close time to 3am would make a great difference. But the thing about california laws is that you can't drink/buy/or hold a drink in your hand pass 2am. I think you can't even buy any alcohol until 6am....so from 2 to 6am it's off limits. The wost thing about san diego is that everthing closes @ 1:30am...everything. I think they pritty much want you out the door by 2am. Not too much fun. We only have 2 afterhours and there really not worth going to. Ive heard that the state was actually trying to change the time to 4am...selling of alcohol that is. I don't know if it's true or not. Wish it were than maybe clubs/bars can stay open longer.
  12. IBIZA: 2005 Trip, anyone interested in going?

    what happend to ibiza? Why is it when you bring it up in conversation people start saying how it's not the same. That it use to be soo much fun but ever since VH1 aired a special on it that it's been jam packed with tourist that don't really care about the music. Is this all true. I would still party in ibiza someday but I hope that all this talk isn't true.
  13. scumfrog? Damn I haven't heard that name since he did a remix for Sophie Ellis Bextor....just show's I haven't kept up to date with scumfrog. Well it's maybe my lost since you all seem to like him. I'll have to search for some of his work.
  14. Which venue is the best in L.A?

    No just saturday, too bad. But will be there friday and saturday for memorial day weekend and drive over to vegas just sunday night. Maybe I'll post a thread then and you can tell me what's popping off that weekend. Never heard of vertigos, might have to check that one out. Isn't v20 in O.C?
  15. I heard from a little birdie...

    Already making plans for memorial day weekend? I'll be there sunday night only and I can't decide which club it's going to be.