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  1. BORIS @ Pacha.....

    yea 10am for TGE is great anything after that poeple will be still sleeping when the tureky is comeing out the oven
  2. Worst club in NYC and i hope one of you fcuking lil outo fo towners from ohio or watever farm you herbs come from and then claim you are from the Tri state area od's in there and get the club shut down for good ..place is wack and it feels like a factory line crobar get suck my dick i have not been there in years !!!!!!!!!1
  3. Tiestoooooo @ ABYSS - Friday December 8th !

    who give's a left nut about TIESTO he is fucking wackkkkkkkkk stay out of jerze
  4. Tony draper

    Yo where have to him he was a reg at club exit and black?
  5. crobar

    thank god that place is fcuking SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it like you are cows getting run in there
  6. OSCAR G B-DAY BASH @ PACHA | Fri 11/10

    18 to get in he wont drawa big crowd
  7. Josh Wink @ Love?

    Yea love is a OK spot at best, so small, the system is really sick one of the best in the city but really that about it everytime i go it not at all packed and i get ehre like 3ish or so and it like died not vibe going or anything i end up just leaveing back home
  8. hell Yea bull, i am going to sleep early saturday wakeing up like 7am or so getting my butt down to pacha at like 9am dt spins his best shit the last few hours and that all i need see you in the dance floorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bulll
  9. danny tenaglia roll call

    Nicely said bro...........i will be getting there like 8am
  10. Tiesto @ Crobar Rumor

    who give a fcuk about crobar or Tiestoooooooooooooo for real.... thanks for the love showing myspace page, i can sign autographs later tonight losa's
  11. Tiesto @ Crobar Rumor

    who gives a fcuk about tiestooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  12. DANNY TENAGLIA (10pm - noon) @ PACHA | Sat 11/11

    pm me, if you got any tickets for sale no more then 25-30 bucks Thankssssssss
  13. Silverbull is this Spirit for-sale ??????

    you have to be out of your mind to buy a club in that area now , it all ruined i give 2-3 more years before it changes all those fcuking clubs in one area and there is a freeze on LL's till jan 2007
  14. Silverbull is this Spirit for-sale ??????

    yes it is for sale............