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  1. On Friday, March 16th, Core NYC is warming up for WMC a week early with Ricky Ryan (a.k.a. Can Costa) at LOVE! Ryan’s acclaimed productions and DJ talent have brought him everywhere from Brazil (where he was a resident at Warung Beach Club), to the UK (with an incredible guest mix on John Digweed’s “Transitions†radio show), and now to NYC where he will surely throw down a set to remember. Also featured on the night is Noel Sanger, who will debut his latest remix project, "Double Overhead," (soon to be released on Cloudbreak Recordings), originally produced by Core’s own Zack Roth. In addition to getting ready for Miami , we’re also celebrating the birthdays of Core’s very own Mike DiRocco, as well as our good friend Ryan Tyas (People NYC). Holding things down in the front room is Dany Veltri and George Macys, Tae Seol (TFST), Chris Luzz and Aaron Wemrock. So come out early and stay late with Core, as we heat up in the NYC before we head on down to the WMC! 9pm-??? General Admission: $5 before 11, $15 thereafter Reduced admission: $5 before 11, $10 thereafter til 1am, $15 thereafter Please vist http://www.musicislove.net/reduced_guests.php?pid=325&pname=Turn%20On!%20%40%20Love&pdate=03-16-2007 to be placed onto the reduced list. LOVE 40 West 8th Street (corner of 8th and mcdougal) ============================================== LOVE has been built to provide a place where artists are encouraged to push the boundaries of their craft and to promote shared values of respect, acceptance, and peacefulness through the stories they tell. It is dedicated to the idea that the differences among us should be celebrated, but that our shared humanity, in the end, unites us as one. Our goal is to make the world a little more interesting and a little gentler. And to throw great parties... www.musicislove.net www.coreeventsnyc.com
  2. Friday people!!!!

    hahahahaa will do bro.
  3. Constructive criticism: Deepspell

    Well the times Ive seen the 2 of these guys spin they have always held the dancefloor well, thought their track selection was very good considering tagging can be difficult to feed off each other's style. Im very excited to play with Al from Deepspell this friday...guess i suck too now cuz our styles are similar haha i kid i kid.
  4. Friday people!!!!

    Cant wait for friday...dj booth will be on the main floor for this one
  5. “Live at Pacha� up for download

    Nice mix pearce...wish i could make ur set at crobar tonight...wont be in town.
  6. check out this new song!

    ill def check this out gary...masi and mello have some good productions for sure!
  7. Old Skool Monkeybar Mix

    ill check this out rodrigo!
  8. Guest DJ Ryan Tyas August 6

    Whats up everybody, Hope you enjoyed the set...and thanks to Gary for giving me the slot. Much appreciated! Here is a link to download: Ryan Tyas - August 6th Mix
  9. Had a blast opening up the night, and even more fun partying with everyone. Its good to be back at home in NY
  10. Deepspell Aug Chart

    Excellent tracks.
  11. 3 hour mix > lunic

    really enjoyin pt 2 ... good stuff lun
  12. crobar July Line-Up!

    i could use a little mistress
  13. Do You Have Secrets?

    Listened to both cd's ... i really like disk 2's energy! great flow as well. lookin forward to the next installment:)